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June 12, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q. Could you assess the round?
JORDAN SPIETH: We had ideal scoring conditions, if that's a thing, at a U.S. Open. Perfect weather this morning, cloud cover, it wasn't windy at all. The greens were more receptive than yesterday, I thought. I played in the afternoon yesterday; that's probably why. Got off to a good start. Couple under through four or five holes, and I played 15 through 18 even, which I think would be a goal for the week. And then I bogey, birdie, and then a tough three-putt on my last hole for a bogey. But all in all, par at a U.S. Open, I'll take for all four rounds.

Q. Matt Kuchar was talking about his course knowledge, and what's been the trickiest thing to figure out?
JORDAN SPIETH: The trickiest thing is to figure out where that spot is you can miss to certain pins. On each green it falls off on every side. Certain pins you want to miss in this swale if you miss the green versus if the pin is on the front left you're missing the other one. It's trying to learn that the easiest place to get up and down is and have -- on the hardest holes, try and make sure that you have at least a look from five, six feet at par. I hit the ball well today. I hit a lot of greens to kind of take away from that. And when I left it off the green, for the most part, left it in the right spots. I mean, my three bogeys, one was an errant tee shot where I had to just punch it out. The other was a three-putt -- my second was a three-putt. All in all -- and the third was on 15. I treat that as a par-4. All in all a solid day. I'm very, very pleased with the start. And my game feels in good shape. Feel like I could improve on the way I struck the ball and putting. But scoring-wise I'd take it again.

Q. How hard is it having four birdies in today's set up? Do you think that's doable again with what's apt to face you in the next few rounds?
JORDAN SPIETH: It would be difficult. Four birdies I think is a lot in this tournament per round. There's definitely some pins -- there will be some pins on holes that will be easier than there were today. But then there were some gettable pins. I think if I'm striking the ball well, I should have enough looks to capitalize on that. I putted the ball pretty well today. Just keep that going, you never know where you can make putts on when you're on the green. I'm striking it pretty well. It's getting close. I started missing fairways in the middle kind of second half of the round today. It's not fun to play out of the weeds. But got it around. So if I get back on track to the beginning of the round, sure, I think there's some birdies out there.

Q. How big a difference did it make once the sun started coming out?
JORDAN SPIETH: Quite a bit. You started to notice the color. You could feel it on your feet walking around the greens, really. It's amazing. Yesterday afternoon, I thought it was really, really difficult, especially for a practice round day. But I think once the sun came out and the wind picked up a little bit, it dried out very, very quickly. Before that we were able to stop kind of some 8, 7-irons within ten feet of where they hit. I don't spin the ball very much or launch it very high. That's saying that they're going to get crustier and crustier as the week goes on here.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: Some wind and heat in the afternoon to kind of really, really nice temperatures and a little dew on the ground this morning definitely was very nice. Tomorrow that's not the case. We've got the afternoon. It felt like we had a pretty good draw today. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow. But I wouldn't trade the position I'm in.

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