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May 26, 2014

Timea Bacsinszky


6‑1, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  Congratulations.

Q.  It's been a long road back for you to this point, to winning matches in Grand Slams again.  Talk about what the sort of journey has been like to get here.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY:  I mean, you're talking about like...

Q.  Injuries and everything the last three years or so.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY:  All right.  This is going to be a long talk.  Are you sure you're ready.

Q.  Short version.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY:  Okay, short version.  Starting in 2011 when I got injured I was more or less 40 in the world.
Yeah, big shock, especially when it was my third year top 50.  So I tried to aim more higher.  And no points to defend as well, not a lot.
Yeah, then started again in 2012.  Got all the time injuries, shoulder.  I wasn't really fit to be back on tour, but I wanted to rush it, I guess.  I did not prepare enough.
Yeah, well, like a loss of motivation then because for sure when you get like all the time injured all over again, it's tough to go back to the physio and not to be playing and to be just hurt.  It hurts, so...
Then I decided in 2013 like to go to a psychologist because I had a lot of things of my childhood which came up, and like was it really my dream to play or not.  I had to heal or to understand a lot of things.
Like why did I stop all the time at one point in a tournament?  Why did I never pass?  Why was it too tough for me, let's say, to win a second or third round of a Grand Slam or to wake up every day and to put energy into tennis?
So I worked with someone, and actually I decided like to stop playing.  So I entered hotel school in Switzerland.  It's pretty famous.  You know it.  I wanted to start it in September, so I had to do internship.
I went to a five‑star hotel to pass from front desk to service, then food and beverage, so all the parts like for the hotel school.
And, yeah, while I was doing it, I was loving it.  So really, it's not that I was not liking cleaning dishes or stuff.  I was loving it.
Once I like got last year e‑mail from Roland Garros that I was before last to get in.  Because it rained so much on the other tournaments so many of qualifying players couldn't come.
Yeah, so I was really kind of shocked.  I didn't play for so long, for like almost six months or one or two tournaments.
I said, Okay, let's go.  I'm going to go.  I called my director and said, I'm going to be playing tomorrow so I won't be able to open the bar today.  Please get someone else.
I took my car and drove here with my racquet barely strung.  I was the last person who got my credential.  So many people here remember, because they look at me like, Are you a tennis player?  I was like, Oh, I don't know.
On my way here, I knew all the things I worked with the psychologist, it just clapped.  Everything went together and I understood a lot of things.  It's amazing how life (snapping fingers) on one point can just change.
Then I realize I could make my own decision and no one was allowed to decide for me.  That I'm grown up.  I won my money.  If I want it invest it in something, it's my decision.  I have the ability to do it, and no one has the right to tell me if it's right or wrong.
Then I called Dimitri, my coach, and I said, Yeah, listen, I would like to practice with you.  Do you want it as well.  I was pretty shy to ask.
He said, Yeah, I really want to, because I believe in your capacity and I believe in your talent.  I'm sure that you're a hard worker.
So we started.  I guess the match that I won today and all the ones that I won this year, it's a long work.  It started last year.  Not maybe here, but the week after Roland Garros when I started to work with my coach.  He prepared me as well.
He was telling me like, Be ready.  You're going to play well and be ready of that.  Don't be surprised that the people are coming again around you and press is interested of you right now.
I guess I just spoke for like five minutes, but at least all of you guys know what happened.  I hope I won't need to explain it again.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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