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June 8, 2014

Mariah Stackhouse


Q.  Tell me about your battle of a match today.
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  Yes, you said it right.  It was a battle.  It was up, down.  I didn't pull it together until the back nine really and that's when I started putting it on.  Got it back to all‑square.  I think, what is it, 16, she had an unfortunate break and that's when the tides kind of turned in my favor.  At that point it was just a tough match.
I had some putts that just were sliding but it was one of those matches where it was down to the wire, and I knew that I got the lead‑‑ we were playing and it's been back and forth, I've gotten it, she's gotten it.  It was fun.
I think that you saw the pressure hit both of us a couple times and didn't do some shots.  I'd said 16 was my favorite hole; it's my least favorite hole on the golf course, actually, that and 2.
And so you saw that little chip I hit, I don't know if you saw it, it was bad.  And I just say, God blessed me because she ended up giving me that hole with a couple of unfortunate shots.
That was that match.  You had to win most of them with birdies.  That was the only real hole where the bogeys snuck in.  The rest of the match you had to birdie to win.  It's been fun.

Q.  What's the week been like for you?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  This week has been kind of unreal.  I was talking to the lady earlier about the fans and particularly all the kids that came out and watched us.  I think that was amazing and made it so fun.  I really like this is kind of setup like the Am, people walk down the fairway with you.  So I get to interact with my buddies and go over now and then and talk to the little girls and hand them some pins.
It's just really nice and it just made it special, all the supporters decked out in their USA gear.  Everybody had on at least a little bit of red, white, and blue to let you know they were there for you, and when you made a birdie, were happy and whenever you made a birdie, there was somebody saying, "Go get 'em."
It's more than playing for yourself.  It's almost more than even playing for this team.  It's like everybody's out here and they love you know matter what.  Like I said, you make that bogey and they are still embracing you and believing that you're going to go get it and I think that made it special.

Q.  What's up for you next summer?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  Next this summer, I was going to play the North South but I think I just got an invitation to play an LPGA event the same week.  I think it's in Ohio.  My dad just told me about it, the second week of July, so that will be first up.
Right now, go finish my finals, work our camps, a couple weeks' practice and then get to it.

Q.  Will we see you at the Women's Am?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  Yes, my first one.  I always struggled with that qualifier.  I got an opportunity to play twice and one time I missed it, and the second time‑‑ my mom always handles my exemptions, my registration, which maybe I should start doing that and she forgot about the deadline, so I didn't get in that one.  So I'm excited.

Q.  Is it hard to play when you already know it's over?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  Oh, no.  At that point you're playing for pride.  I think all of us today, just for a little bit of motivation, Don has been kid of like our team motivation, a friend of Captain's, looked at us and the record was 14 1/2.  And we were all kind of saying that it's very likely we can pull this off, so why not create a new goal for ourselves and go for that.
So I think we all had that in our mind and kept us motivated and finding and at that point, you don't want to win and lose the rest.  So I'm thinking, don't give it all away just because it's no longer important.

Q.  What do you think was the difference between the Americans and GB&I this week?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  I think the difference is we‑‑ Captain said at the very beginning of the week, and I think we all played a couple of these team match‑play events, and we all know anything happens in singles and we did not want it to come down in that.
We knew Europe is usually very strong in alternate‑shot.  So we put our hearts into best‑ball and tried to win the most points and just hang on in alternate‑shot and did the best we could, and ended up doing really well in that all week, too.  I think that was the turning point is we were so fired up and driven from the beginning; that we didn't want to let up and have it come down to today.

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