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May 31, 2014

Paul Casey


Q.  It was a good fight in the front.  I thought the up‑and‑downs at 6 and 9 really kept you in it, but a couple of wayward shots in the back just kind of caught up with you.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, I fought as hard as I could, but clearly I didn't play great golf today.  As simple as that.  And there's only so long you can fight out here.  Eventually it's going to catch up with you.
Yeah, it's frustrating, but still another day to go.

Q.  Just a few shots back and you saw some movement today.  Anything's possible with 18 holes in the PGA TOUR.
PAUL CASEY:  Exactly.  A lot of guys went low today.  And I'll go and work on stuff on the range, see if I can find something for tomorrow.
But I'm still feeling happy.  And go out there and try and tear it to pieces tomorrow.  And who knows.  I know I've made a lot of birdies around this golf course certainly in the first two days.  If I can kind of draw from that and make a bunch more tomorrow, we'll see what happens.

Q.  Tough round today.  Can you talk about that, please.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, it was a tough round.  I never really got going.  And fought as hard as I could.  It's a tough golf course to keep fighting.  And looking back on it, I really didn't give myself many birdie opportunities at all.  Maybe a handful.  That was about it.
And some great saves on the front nine.  Tough to keep that going through the back nine.  And that's difficult.
But there's another day tomorrow, and I've got a lot of good golf left in me, I know that.  Go out there tomorrow with guns blazing, see what happens.

Q.  What was different between the first two days and today?
PAUL CASEY:  That's tough to say there was one particular thing.  I don't know.  I'll go and try and fix it on the range right now.  But try to be as aggressive as I could.
Just seemed to get on the wrong side of things, that was my doing.  And once you're on the back foot on this golf course, it's tricky.
So I'm not sure.  But tomorrow if things click, you start to get the right numbers and you start to hit a few fairways early on, then clearly, as guys have shown today, there are some very, very good numbers to be had out here.

Q.  And you're still in contention looking at Sunday.
PAUL CASEY:  Exactly.  Coming into this week ‑‑ my record's not been great around here.  So I've still got a chance to win this golf tournament.  I've made a lot of birdies certainly in the first two days, not today, and I've got the firepower to go out there and shoot a really good score.
And if I do that, I'm very happy to chase and try and put some numbers on the board and try and worry the leaders if I can.

Q.  Even though it was a struggle, looked like you held it together not too badly until the very end there.  Is it just a mental grind?
PAUL CASEY:  It was a mental grind.  It was draining.  But I'm good at that.  I've done it before.  I was like playing my own U.S. Open out there.  It was so tough for me.  And the golf course is such‑‑ it's so difficult that you just have to be on the wrong side of things just by a fraction, and I put myself the wrong side of things today.  And fought as hard as I could, but we're still fighting.
And I'm really‑‑ I was looking forward to today, but I'm really now looking forward to tomorrow, trying to make amends on the mess I made today.

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