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May 30, 2014

Jordan Spieth


JORDAN SPIETH:  Bunker shot on 4 and bunker shot on 9.  Yeah.  I scrambled my butt off.  Even when I was 2‑over (indiscernible).
Just an off day.  I hit some really good drives on hard holes, was able to get pars on them, and then on the easy holes I just didn't put it in the right places.
I hit a wedge from 116, which is just a go‑yardage for me, in the water, on 14.  Middle of the fairway.
I just was mis‑hitting shots on the easy holes, and on the harder holes I was playing really well or having a look or making an easy par.

Q.  Didn't take yourself out of it, though.

Q.  Did you turn 75 into a 72 or 69 into a 72?
JORDAN SPIETH:  For sure 75.  If I went back through the greens, I hit less than half of them today.  On this golf course with this rough and the pins, it's not ideal.  So shooting even, was fine with that.
Felt a little better putting the ball today, too.  I hit some better putts.  So that's good going forward.  Just get that feeling down.
It was‑‑ yeah, it turned a 75 easily into a 72.  And got a little streak going right now of tournament rounds not shooting over par, par or better.
That's something that was on my mind.  I really wanted to grind and make sure I shoot and get back to par better.  So that would be really nice if I could do that the next six rounds.  That would be really nice.  Be very difficult to do.

Q.  Did you drop anything on the front?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I was 2‑over.

Q.  I'm sorry, on this front.
JORDAN SPIETH:  On this?  No. 1.

Q.  I missed that one.  When was your last (indiscernible) par?
JORDAN SPIETH:  One of the rounds of the Byron, maybe.  It's not that long, but I played last week without shooting one.

Q.  Tiger had one at 53 rounds, so you got a ways to go.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Let's try it.  Harder at the U.S. Open.

Q.  Was it tougher out there today?  Were the pin locations‑‑
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I think so.  I think the pin locations are tougher for where the wind was coming from amongst some of those holes.  But it didn't seem like it played a whole lot different.  Some of the harder holes had a little easier pins and the easier ones had harder pins.  So maybe harder to make more birdies today, but it was not too bad if you're keeping the ball in the fairway.

Q.  (Question about having knowledge of golf course)?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Very.  Probably more than just about any other one other than the ones at home.  Yeah, I've seen all the pins multiple times now.  I know where certain putts go.  Just certain tendencies.  Starting to really feel more comfortable, not taking as much time trying to figure it out before I hit shots into the green.
So it helps.  I would've shot a few under today if I hit the fairways on easier holes.  I just put myself in tough positions to start the round on scorable holes and hit a wedge from 115 in the water from the middle of the fairway.
So stuff like that that turns a couple shots around.  Missed the fairway on 15.  You hit the fairway, almost everybody's birdieing.
So all in all, yeah, turned a 75 or ‑6 into a 72 today.  Not too upset with it.  But I am getting more comfortable with this golf course.  It was just execution today.

Q.  Optimistic about your opportunities this weekend?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Very much so.  Maybe get off a little earlier tomorrow.  Shouldn't be more than four or five back and you could shoot 4‑ or 5‑under out here if you get it going.  And I'm striking the ball real well.  The greens are really pure.
I think this is a good place to come from right now, and I feel comfortable, yeah.

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