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May 29, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Two bogeys under par.  Are you satisfied with the way you played today?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† I think it was clean.¬† This is a very difficult golf course.¬† I saw a couple of bogey‑free rounds, but for the most part that's going to be hard this week.¬† After a couple of bogeys in the middle of the round, really set back.¬† Michael did awesome work today and we stayed neutral and really gave a lot of looks that back nine and a couple went for me.
And I finally had a couple of long ones fall for me towards the end of the round there.¬† So 3‑under is a good score.

Q.  Fourth tournament in a row, which is not uncommon on the PGA TOUR, to go from THE PLAYERS, two home events near Dallas, near Dallas and Fort Worth.  Emotionally how are you right now?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† I'm good.¬† Starting today I think there's a little lack of focus maybe when I got started, I think I was just‑‑ didn't quite get myself psyched up the way I normally do for the round.¬† And then got a birdie on 2 to fall and really got into the groove there.
But, yeah, I'm fine.  Four in a row is about as much as I'll ever do.  But I got to sleep in my own bed for a little while there and see my friends and family.  So this actually feels like the first one.

Q.  Hit it just over the green there, you went through three or four different clubs.  What was the thinking there with that first cut?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† It was tough.¬† It wasn't quite‑‑ it was just barely into it.¬† And it's funny, it's all mowed into the grain.¬† So it's a very fast shot.¬† The one that if I hit a wedge, it would be very difficult to judge.¬† And I took a putter out, it was right on the edge.¬† I kind of liked it.
Thought if I just got it going‑‑ everyone knows 9 green is so severe, just get it going, it will feed to the hole.¬† I was looking at a 60 degree or a wedge there.¬† Those are about the only two options‑‑ I mean, I'm sorry, 60 degree or putter.¬† I chose to putt it and it shot out there a little hard and missed the putt after.¬† But I still think it was the right play.

Q.  There's some spots on this golf course that you get in, that you can't recover from.  10 is another example of that.
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Yeah, just spots that look not quite that hard are very difficult. ¬†But 10's hard.¬† 10 today, hit the ball in the fairway, which is really the most important shot on that hole, and then I had‑‑ hit it a long ways from there, over 200 yards, but you can hit it 30 yards right and still be okay.¬† I just made the mistake of being too aggressive.¬† That led to another bogey.¬† But bounced back nicely from there.

Q.¬† That's what I was going to say.¬† 10 from there, and you played great golf ‑‑ played great golf for the first eight holes; you played great golf for the last eight holes.¬† That has to feel good.
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† It does.¬† 11, hit a good drive, but just got a tough break hitting into the rough.¬† But to hit that sand wedge in there, make the putt, and then follow it up with‑‑ really I think I played the last‑‑ my last really seven holes, eight holes perfectly.¬† I played‑‑ I couldn't have imagined any better.¬† Hit the fairways, got the ball in the green, had good looks at birdie.¬† 16 is a hole that's always going to give everybody trouble.¬† So to squeak by with a par, feels like a birdie there.

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