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May 22, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.  You've got to feel good about your first round today?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Yeah, I do.¬† I feel like I played a really solid round of golf.¬† I was over par to start and just a couple lipouts.¬† Really patient, turned it around, and ultimately we'd have liked to grab one coming in.¬† I had some looks.¬† 3‑under is a good start, 4‑under is leading, so right where we need to be to make a move in the morning.

Q.  How do you like the way you're driving the ball?
JORDAN SPIETH:  A lot better than last week.  I put a lot of work into it the last couple days.  Started to show through today.  It could still improve with the way I'm hitting on the face, but I played out of the fairway a lot today, which is the reason why I had quite a bit of looks at birdies.

Q.  Talk about the log jam at the top.  A lot of you guys especially here at the end?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† I think it was out there today.¬† Hunter showed it on the front line.¬† I'm surprised that 4‑under is leading.¬† It really wasn't playing that difficult.¬† But after tomorrow I'm sure you'll see a 62 or 63.¬† Hopefully, it's me, but you may see a couple of them because I don't think the course‑‑ I mean, it was pretty gettable.¬† The greens were still soft, fairways were bouncing.¬† There were a lot of wedges.

Q.  When the rest of the group is playing well, can good golf be contagious?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, definitely.  The hole looks bigger.  You can see balls running in, and that's how it was really from the first 13 holes or 14 holes.  Then we just all three got a little cold, and they just didn't quite go in.  But, yeah, I think that it was awesome playing alongside both those two guys.  Two guys I look up to, great American golfers, and playing some solid golf.  Even not playing their best and still shooting 66.  So it's scary because they can go off whenever, and hopefully we all feed off each other tomorrow.

Q.  Have you played with Hunter at Dallas National?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I have not yet.  I've only been a member there for a little while, and the weeks I've been on, he's been off or vice versa.  Haven't gotten a chance, but I'm sure we will.

Q.  You never played together in college or amateur?
JORDAN SPIETH:  No, I think he's 28 or 29, I'm not sure, yeah.

Q.  Talk about the different field playing Byron last week and the Colonial this week?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Yeah, it's a very different field.¬† They're very different tournaments completely different golf courses, the atmosphere changes. ¬†We still‑‑ it was a lot of fun out there.¬† We had a good following, and expect it even early tomorrow.¬† It was awesome to see a lot of the kids out there rooting for us.¬† This is one of my favorite tournaments of the year.¬† It's one of my favorite golf courses in the country, so I'm very excited every time we get to tee it up here.

Q.  You've been playing quite a bit since The Masters till now.  Is it hard to keep the energy level or focus level up?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I actually took a couple weeks off in a row, which is extremely rare for me.  So I kind of regenerated there.  This is my third out of four, which is nothing new to me, four in a row.  So, yeah, I feel great.  I don't feel worn out.  The weather is obviously getting warmer and warmer, which wears on you each day.  But you just try to limit the number of balls that you're maybe hitting and focus on your rest and your workouts to make sure everything is staying solid.  You've got to drink a lot of water out in Texas here.

Q.  This seems like the perfect course for you.  Can you explain why you feel so comfortable on it?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Yeah, it's very similar to a lot of the courses I grew up on.¬† I mean, it's similar to old Dallas golf.¬† I mean, tree‑lined, they kind of turn around the trees.¬† Not a ton of trouble, not a ton of water, but firm and smaller greens.¬† That's similar to what I grew up on.¬† I like to work the ball both ways off the tee.¬† If it's on, it works really well out here with the wind.¬† So that's why I like it here.

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