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May 11, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Leading the Masters and PLAYERS the final day, I know you didn't close them, but isn't there a lot of positive out of that.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Almost everything is positive, yeah.  It's just tough right now, because you guys catch me five minutes after the round and it's hard, I'm not mature enough to be extremely positive.  I will be in about an hour, but right now it's just really, really stings.
But when I look back, I look back at the Masters extremely positively.  I'm sure the same will be here.  I mean, a little different, the fact that I didn't really hold it through to have a chance on the last hole, to finish 4‑over through my round at one point, when I've really, I was extremely comfortable on this golf course.

Q.  How do we explain no bogeys for 58 holes here and then what, five bogeys in the next 11 or so holes?  Other than it's golf.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Well, yeah, I mean, I missed a fairway, I had a really bad lie, so I had to ‑‑ I didn't get up‑and‑down from a hundred yards.
Then I hit it left on 8 to the front pin.  You can't do that.
And then 10, landed a foot from the hole, goes to where it's dead.

Q.  Tough break.
JORDAN SPIETH:  And then the others?  The others, just a brain dead 3‑putt and then I bad tee shot.  So I just, two were tee shots that went a little left, one was a bad break, one was a bad decision, and one was a bad first putt.

Q.  Nerves?
JORDAN SPIETH:  No, it really didn't.  The most nerves I had were the beginning of the round.
After 5, I was still extremely comfortable.  I was tied for the lead, I hit two good shots.
And 6 and 7 hit two good shots.
Then got to 8 and just had a bad swing with a 4‑iron.
So, ultimately, I don't look at it as nerves or I don't feel like the setting had anything to do with the way I played whatsoever.  I just think that yesterday and today I got a little off with my swing.  It was still close to being there, I could still hit some good shots, but I didn't have the ball control the first two days, I didn't have the putting the first two days.

Q.  The first putt at 14, did it catch you off guard coming back from the rain delay?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I think I read it 40 times.  I read it from both sides twice before; and I went back out and we had extra time and I still got over it and I think that I knew it was going to be slower and I knew what the putt did and I hit that putt in the practice round.  I got over it and I just, I didn't take a big enough stroke.  I didn't mishit it, I hit it solid.  I don't really‑‑ when I hit it, I was sitting there going, you just had all this time and I knew how hard to hit it and my practice strokes were fine.  And I got over it, was comfortable with the line, and maybe my last look up was my midpoint that I tried, was trying to roll the ball over for the line, and instead of looking at the hole for the distance.
No, I'm not going to attribute that at all to the rain, I'm not going to attribute it to the fact that it was a delay, it was just a really bad putt.  Now if I was about ready to hit it, it may have been a different story, if we hit it before the delay, but still should have done a better job.

Q.  Just like at Augusta you got off to a fast start, does it make it harder to stay relaxed and keep your emotions in check?
JORDAN SPIETH:  No, it makes it easier.  Like I said, I mean, the most nervous I was on the first couple holes.  When the putt went in on 2 and I made a great save on 3 after a bad first putt and 4 I knew where I was hitting my putts.
Then 5 was in the dead center of the hole if I hit it harder.
6, 7, didn't quite go my way, maybe pushed them a little, but, no, I think it's easier to stay relaxed if you're off to a better start and not having to really focus on, where do I go for pins, where do I not.  You can just play your game, play to 15 feet, 20 feet, and try and make putts from there, which is my game plan the first two days.

Q.  Might some day you look back at this month as and chalk it up to growing pains?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I hope so.  Rory, a lot of the great players have had it, Rory had a tough one and came back extremely strong, I don't want to wait until the U.S. Open, I want to go next week.  And at a tournament that's extremely close to my heart, I hope I look back one day and laugh at these moments.  Which I think that I'll do.
Like I said, I don't think that the way I played today ‑‑ and Augusta, on Sunday, even par was a good score there.  The fact that I was under, a few under at one point was a different story.  But today was just a bad round of golf.  It doesn't matter what day it was, it wouldn't have made a difference, I was just off my game today.

Q.  One silver lining is you were off your game on the weekend and finished three back.  So there's that.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah.  That's good news going forward.  Maybe next time we'll just creep up the first two days and then go from there.

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