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May 11, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Can you just talk about getting yourself up there again, but just not quite having it on the last day and what your emotions are.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I got off to a good start again and felt great.  Obviously nerves were there, but it wasn't ‑‑ I felt a little more comfortable today, which is very positive going forward.
I got a couple birdies early, looked like ‑‑ when you're at whatever I was, 14‑under, and then the winning score is 13‑under and, you know, I was there during part of the round, that's tough to swallow.
I just left myself in tough positions on approach shots and just got a little quick.  Ultimately, there wasn't ‑‑ if I putted out of my mind today, I still would have been all right, but I would have had to have putted out of my mind with the places I was leaving myself.
So going forward, I still think that I'm playing extremely good golf going into two tournaments that I've had success at on golf courses I'm familiar with and atmospheres that are, I feel, like a Major Championship for me.
So I'm extremely excited for the Texas swing coming up and carrying the way that I played this week, which I think was solid golf into there.

Q.  Can you go through 9 and 10.  That pivotal stretch there.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah.  9, I was debating laying up or going for it.  I had 260 front, downwind.  When you're pumped up, it was only 230 to cover where the bunker kind of curves over, so hybrid's plenty of club, it's a perfect club, I just have to hit it perfect, the ball has to come out drawing right on line.
I think it was really two or three yards from hitting on that slope and pitching, whether it got on the green or in the rough or the bunker, somewhere where it would be a pretty simple up‑and‑down.
And instead, I just heeled it a touch, it fell off on to kind of a tough lie on a down slope and I had to play really for ‑‑ I hit the shot where I wanted to on the next shot, even though it wasn't on the green, I had a very straight putt there and it just dove off.
Then 10, I hit a good 3‑wood, I had 129, into the breeze right‑to‑left.  I hit a gap wedge, which is maximum 125 for me.  I knew I was a little pumped up, the furthest it would carry is a foot or two short of the hole.
I hit it right at the pin, it landed a foot short of the hole.  And I could see, I could, I couldn't see the green where the pin was and I could still see the ball come up, it hit so hard.  I got up there, it hit into the grain, no pitch marks, it wasn't firm, it appalls me.  I don't know ‑‑ I don't understand how it pitched where it did.  I have on my yardage book that it's a no, no to go left in that swale to that pin.  You just don't hit it there.  But I didn't.  I didn't hit it there.
I think it was a tough ‑‑ it will be interesting to see the replay.  I felt like it was very, very important shot in the entire round, that if it sticks around there and I'm able to make the putt, I'm back to even or one back, I guess one back at the time, with tons of golf left and two clear of the next person.
So that shot, I was flabbergasted with, on the way it bounced, but that's just what happens.  That's golf.

Q.  Did you tap that area with your foot and feel it?
JORDAN SPIETH:  No, I fixed my pitch mark and it didn't feel any different than the rest of the golf course.  Sometimes you hit a dry spot or maybe the draw with the grain going a little into on the right just shot it over.  I really don't know.  It just hit hard and then must have caught the little funnel and went down.  But from there I was dead.

Q.  Do you think about what you've been able to do at such a young age, have you surprised yourself at where you are?  To have the success that you've had?
JORDAN SPIETH:  No, shoot, I'm stinging right now.  It's not fun being that close and having opportunities and being in the lead on Sunday and not pulling it off.  It's something that I don't feel like I've struggled with throughout my whole career, going back to junior days.
So I don't think much of it, other than I didn't have any best stuff.  But I'm going to a course, two courses I've had success at, at home, with a great fan base there in Dallas.  Everyone was unbelievable here, next week may even be better.
So ultimately, no, I wouldn't say I'm surprised.  I'm disappointed right now in how I performed, but, you know, I think I'm on the path to good things.  It's been a great year of putting myself in a lot of positions and having new experiences instead of having to come from behind trying to hold leads.  I think that is something that it takes a little time to adapt to and hopefully I'm done trying now.

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