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May 8, 2014

Bubba Watson


Q.  How would you assess your first competitive round?
BUBBA WATSON:  It's good.  This is a golf course that doesn't like me very much and so for me to shoot under par, shoot in the 60s, is a great start.

Q.  Greens with imperfections, across the board they seemed to be playing slower than before.
BUBBA WATSON:  I think all the greens were slower today.  I think the whole golf course is softer than we have ever seen it.
I had a mud ball on 2.
But the greens were soft, hitting into the greens, even from the rough.  It's just a softer golf course than we're used to.  But, obviously, it's a tough golf course, there's a couple low scores, mostly the low scores were in the mornings.

Q.  Were the greens all right?
BUBBA WATSON:  Green's fine.  Putting stroke isn't very good, but the greens are fine.  If you stroke it well, the greens are always good.

Q.  Given your history here, do you almost have lower expectations, so you can just go out and play freer, in a weird sense?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, I have high expectations.  I want to compete at a high level.  It's a challenge.  That's why I play the game.  I don't play the game for anybody else.
So, coming to a golf course like this, that I know that I'm not really good at, it gives me a challenge to try to get better.
Like I was joking, like my best is 37th here, so this week we're trying to get 36th.  Couple more rounds in the 60s, we should do it.

Q.  You might end up a little bit higher than that.  You might end up No. 1, Bubba.

Q.  You had said two years ago when you won the Masters that your goal was to finish Top‑20 in every tournament.

Q.  Top‑25.  Is this year similar to that?
BUBBA WATSON:  It's always that, every year.  Because if you're Top‑25, that means you made the cuts.  If you look at my last few years, I haven't missed that many cuts.  I played pretty solid.
So far this year I think I have had one, Malaysia, I finished outside the Top‑25 this year.  Even though it was last year, but this year.  So that's really the only one that I've struggled at.

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