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April 13, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.  The final pairing in your very first Masters, I know you're disappointed at the way things turned out, but what was the day like for you?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Oh, it was so much fun, it really was.  Even if I didn't show it there on the back nine, it was.  I took it all in, standing ovations for both of us to each green.  It was a dream come true.
Although it sits a little hard right now, I'll be back and I can't wait to be back.

Q.  Talk about where it started to turn at 8 and 9.
JORDAN SPIETH:  8, when I hit the shot I actually thought I hit it too far on my third shot.  It was the first shot that really checked up all week on these greens.  Just tricked out on a couple of the putts.
Just mishit one on 9 and then there was a huge change.  Two, two stroke swings in a row.  That's very difficult on this golf course to come back from.  I felt like I fought hard and if I hit a couple putts a little firmer, it could have been a different story.
But hats off obviously to Bubba, because when he's driving the ball well out here, he's very tough to beat.

Q.  Nobody behind you every really made a move.  Did it feel like match play with Bubba?
JORDAN SPIETH:  It did late on the front nine and early in the back nine.
Then after 12, Bubba was pretty far ahead and I had dropped back.  So I was looking to make a couple birdies and maybe put some pressure on Bubba, but I didn't and so he was able to kind of make pars coming in and it made it a little easier for him.

Q.  I know you're going to take some time and process all of this, but what's the immediate take away for you going forward from this experience?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I'm hungry.  I mean, to be honest with you, that was fun, but at the same time it hurts right now.  Although it was going into the week I wanted to get in contention on the back nine Sunday and that's what happened, and didn't come out on top, but I could take a lot of positives away, felt very comfortable out there, my game felt like it will holed up and I think I'm going to go forward from here.  That's a great feeling.

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