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April 12, 2014

Bubba Watson


Q.  (No microphone.)
BUBBA WATSON:  There was a couple shots I thought I hit pretty good, little bounces here and there.  You're going to struggle probably one day‑‑ or I am.  So if this is my worst day, I'm still tied for the lead, I have a great shot for tomorrow.

Q.  You made some great short putts, including the one on 18 to save par.
BUBBA WATSON:  I wanted that one.  I knew that was to get in the last group.  I wanted to be in the last group, just to get that feeling, have that chance to win.
But being in the last group just gives you confidence for next time you're in this position.  So that's what I wanted.

Q.  What about playing with this young man, the 20‑year‑old from Dallas, Jordan Spieth?
BUBBA WATSON:  You know what, we're pretty good friends.  Our caddies are pretty good friends, we play a lot of golf and stuff.
It's going to be fun.  It will be interesting, but it will be fun.  Me trying to win, him trying to win, but some good buddies.  So hopefully one of us wins, if not me, hopefully him.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
BUBBA WATSON:  You're never content with it, you always want better, no matter what I shot today.
It was one of those things where, it was a rough day, couple of my balls went long, couple balls went short.  But the part I liked the best about it was that nothing went left or right.  It was a lot of‑‑ the ball went farther than I was used to, maybe because of the heat, who knows what it was, or I finally hit them good in the center of the club face.  But it went a little bit long.  One on number 4 came up a little bit short, but it was right at the pin.  So it wasn't anything that was scary, like I didn't know where it was going.
Hit my driver really well.  Had a couple 3‑putts.  If I don't 3‑putt, then, obviously, I'm winning instead of tied for the lead.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, because if I shoot 90 tomorrow I still have a Green Jacket.  So it's not as bad.  It's one of those things, you're still trying to win, it's still a tournament.  We want to win, so we feel pressure.
But knowing that I was losing going into the back nine when I won, and I know that I made some birdies, made four birdies that year in a row.  Made five birdies in a row this week on the back nine.  So obviously you just want a chance on the back nine.
If I get my clubs right, and don't 3‑putt, I can play the back nine pretty well.  So today it was just a mis‑club ‑‑ not a mis‑club, the ball just went so much farther than I was used to.
So, yeah, I'm looking forward to it.  I think that, having a Green Jacket, you always have that in the back of your mind that, no matter how bad it is, you still have a Green Jacket.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
BUBBA WATSON:  It's always a pleasure to have a chance on a Sunday.  Especially around here.  You know the roars you can get.
The fans get behind you, especially a lot of Georgia fans around here, so that's good for me.
But it's one of those things that you have dreamed about this your whole life as a kid, if you want to be a professional golfer you've dreamed about it, you've thought about it.
And to have that chance on Monday if somebody told me I would have shot 2‑over and still be tied for the lead, I would have taken it in a heart beat.  So I got a shot on Sunday.

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