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April 11, 2014

Bubba Watson


Q.  You made that golf course look easy.  Is it?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, it's never easy.  It's a great test of golf and I just got some good breaks, some good things that went my way.  Guessed the wind right on the stretch of holes on the back nine there.

Q.  I'm sure you've been in hundreds of zones before, but what does the zone feel like at the master?
BUBBA WATSON:  I don't think I'm in the zone yet, because I made a bogey on the last hole.  Not that I'm focusing on that.

Q.  But that five hole stretch.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, that five hole stretch was good.  It's one of those where you're not focused on what you're doing, you don't know that you're making all these birdies, you're focused on one shot at a time.
At Augusta that's what you have to do.  We were guessing on ‑‑ it's basically guessing right on No. 12.  I hit it to two feet, two and a half feet made it.
Par‑5 was kind of downwind, so I hit 7‑iron in there.
Made a long putt for birdie on 14.
15 was a 5‑iron in there.  Made birdie.
Hit 9‑iron into 16.
So you're so focused on what you're doing and making sure you're guessing the wind right that you don't really, you don't really think about anything else.  You're not thinking you just made a birdie or your second birdie or your third birdie, you're just trying to make the cut somehow.

Q.  Talk the roars.
BUBBA WATSON:  The roars are good.  But when you're focused, like I said, if you watch me throughout the last two holes, I keep my head down, just so I don't get energized, just so I don't get pumped up, just to stay focused on what I'm doing and committed to what I'm doing.

Q.  When you're in this position after 36 holes, either on the lead or near it, what are your nerves like compared to what they were before you won this tournament?
BUBBA WATSON:  We're still professional golfers, so we're still nervous.  It doesn't matter if you won it 42 times in a row, you're still nervous about it.  You're still wanting the best.
So for me, yeah, you're nervous and that's why I'm keeping my head down, just to stay focused on what I'm doing, not look at leaderboards, just play golf.  That's really what you're trying to do and what I'm going to try to do the next two days.  It might turn out to be horrific, but at least I have that shot at it.

Q.  I heard several golfers say that the key out here is to be able to make a good, confident, aggressive golf swing.  Did you feel that kind of building through that run on the back nine?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, you have to.  When you're, when I'm, again, guessing at the wind on 11, with water, you know, it can go backwards in a hurry.
So on 11 we had 190 hole, adjusted, when we figured up our yardages, into a breeze.  So I tried to chip a 6‑iron.  And when it comes off, you hit it at your target, and you're like, bite, go, bite.  You're never sure, you're always unsettled.  Then I hit it just to the fringe, somehow made a 2‑putt.
Same thing on 12.  12, we had roughly 158, give or take, somewhere in that area, into the wind, but I was like, I still think it's a 9‑iron.  For some reason it was a perfect 9‑iron.
So, yeah, you're always unsettled, you're always worried about what's going on.  You're always trying to be, like you said, committed to your shots.  Even if it's the wrong club, you still commit to it, so a good swing is going to be better than a real bad swing.

Q.  How do you manage such a low score with all of that wind out there when it's affecting so many other people?
BUBBA WATSON:  Just close my eyes and putt.  You know, they went in.
I'm a professional golfer.  I made it to the Masters.  So, obviously, I can play a little bit.  Right now it's working out.  For the first two days, I look like I know what I'm doing and hopefully the next two days I can play just as good.

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