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April 10, 2014

Bubba Watson

Q.  Just your general overall thoughts about your round today?
BUBBA WATSON:  It was really solid.  You know, my whole goal‑‑ I'm not trying to look at leaderboards.  I don't want to give my secret, but I'm trying to just hit greens.  Whatever that comes out.  Today I missed two greens.  I missed one by six inches, missed one by three feet.  I putted both of those, made pars.
So I'm just trying to hit greens.  If I can hit greens that means I've hit good tee shots and I hit good iron shots, and just trying to make par from there and throw in a birdie here and there.  And that's what I did today.

Q.  Was there a little less pressure not coming back as defending champion, is it a different mindset?
BUBBA WATSON:  It's pressure.  You're playing Augusta National, one of the best golf courses in the world.  The best golf course in the world.
So when you're out here it's a little bit different.  The emotions are different because I'm trying to get the green jacket again.  I had it, there's so much you're doing when you're defending champ, and my mind can't handle it.  Adam seems to be doing pretty well with it.
But for me it was just overwhelming, the Champions Dinner, everybody still congratulating you, so I just never got the focus.  I played really bad on Sunday last year.
Yeah, I'm coming back with the take that I want the jacket again.  I'm coming back with a different mindset, full of energy.  I haven't had any media this week, because nobody cares about the guy a couple of years ago.  So it's been good.

Q.  And just a few thoughts on the course conditions and how it played for you in the afternoon?
BUBBA WATSON:  The course was really good.  There was two greens that I know of that were a little crusty, a little hard, were getting firm.  But the course is in great shape.  This is probably the best I've seen it in a long time.  It's amazing, with the storms they had here, the ice storms, to have it in this pristine condition is remarkable.

Q.  Do you feel this golf course sets up well for you?
BUBBA WATSON:  I hope so.  It seems to the last couple of years.  But, yeah, it does.  The tee shots are pretty generous for me.  I like to cut the ball, so all the holes go‑‑ not all the holes, but from right‑to‑left.  It sets up well for me.

Q.  Did you stay away from any bogeys today?  Were you ever in trouble?
BUBBA WATSON:  My toughest hole was No. 18.  I hit it in the bunker there.  I hit it in the middle of the green.  I had 50 feet.  So I had a two‑putt from 50 feet.  So really my longer par‑putt today was about two and a half feet.  It was stressful.  But I never had a long par‑putt, I guess.

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