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March 27, 2014

Jordan Spieth


JORDAN SPIETH:  Honestly with how difficult the golf course is, 6-over through 9, I think is as bad as I've ever done on Tour or as high as I've ever shot on Tour, 42.  Doesn't sound pretty.
I just didn't have anything going for me.  I was finding the fairway and then typically once I find the fairway it's an advantage of mine that even my misses find the green, but I was off on distance and accuracy, wasn't making any putts.
I was just looking for something to go my way, obviously.  Had a good up and down on 18 for par and then a nice birdie putt on 1 and then I need to play a lot more consistent golf.
I'm thinking about my swing and started to just seeing the ball flights and not worrying about, you know, if it's going to go five yards off or not.

Q.  Putting any pressure on yourself playing in Texas?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I think a little bit.  I set expectations and I wanted to play well in my home state, no doubt about it.  Maybe that's part of pressing early.  But I just didn't have it and even when it started going downhill I tried to hit middle of the greens and still couldn't do it.  It was weird.
But I found it on the back-9, 3-under on any 9 holes out here, any round is a solid round so I'm going to draw on that, those four birdies and, you know, try and start off tomorrow and just play and start strong.

Q.  Not that the conditions caused the problems early but did you notice a really big change in the conditions and how it changed the golf course?
JORDAN SPIETH:  What was tough about it was that it threw us off our routine.  I woke up at 5:30 and you go through your routine, you're getting stretched, you work out then you set your certain time.
All of a sudden you're left kind of walking around what to do for a couple hours.  It's not like we can just go back to the room and redo it.  We didn't know each 15 minutes when they were going to start.
That's what was stuff tough was maybe it threw off a little routine to start my iron play but, you know, ultimately that may be an excuse, I don't know, but it was tough, definitely tough conditions, sideways rain to start the round versus this 85 and sunny.

Q.  Jordan, you talked about how important these next couple of weeks are for you.  Can you take something positive out of coming back on the back-9 like you did?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Definitely.  Yeah.  Like I said, 3-under on 9 holes out here is a good 9.  It was solid, consistent golf and I started really picking a plan on the 9 and really focusing more on where I'm going to leave it versus saying I can get up and down from any of these spots because you really can't.  It will show its teeth.  Definitely take some positives going into tomorrow.

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