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March 22, 2014

Dana Altman

Johnathan Loyd

Mike Moser


Wisconsin – 85
Oregon - 77

THE MODERATOR:  We'll have an opening statement from Oregon Coach, Dana Altman, and questions for Oregon student-athletes, Mike Moser and Johnathan Loyd.  Actually, we'll start right away with the questions for the student-athletes, please.

Q.  For Johnathan or Mike, I mean, this is simply, what happened in the second half compared to the first?
MIKE MOSER:  We didn't get stops and we didn't rebound.  Simple as that.
THE MODERATOR:  Other questions for the student-athletes?  While you maybe think of some of those, we'll hear from an opening remark from Head Coach, Dana Altman.  Coach.
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Well, it was a really disappointing loss.  We played pretty well the first half, had pretty good control of the game right before the half.  Didn't finish the half as well as we needed to, and then we started the second half very poorly.  Gave up a lot of easy baskets, which really got the crowd in the game and the momentum switched there pretty quick.
So, kind of boiled down to us not getting stops that we needed to and then with the one-point lead late, the inability to get a big rebound.  Rebounds were close at half, and we got out rebounded in the second half.  So, our inability to get stops, to start the second half and then definitely we didn't get a rebound there to finish the game.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Coach.  Questions for the student-athletes.

Q.  Johnathan, when they go 70, 75, it looked like a couple guys you had guys in position and were almost fighting yourselves.  What was your take on those possessions and seemed like kind of the effort was there, couldn't get your hands on one?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  I didn't come up with the ball.  I should have grabbed the rebound and I didn't.  So, it's on me.

Q.  Johnathan or Mike, did you kind of think Wisconsin would come out as aggressive as they did in the second half?  Seems like they really came out punching to start the second half.
MIKE MOSER:  Yeah, we definitely knew they were going to make a run.  We thought we were going to handle it better.
THE MODERATOR:  Anything else for Mike or Johnathan?  Thank you, guys.  Questions for Coach Altman, please.

Q.  Coach, same question for you that I asked the players, expect what did you expect Wisconsin to do to start the second half?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Well, they're a veteran team with a veteran coach.  You know, had the crowd excited at the end of the half there.  So I knew that, you know, they would come out, and we talked about it at halftime, that they would be really emotional to start the second half and we had to do a good job.  We just didn't get the stops.  You know, they got easy baskets there and our energy that we played with in the first half, we just didn't get those stops.  Then when we finally kind of got the ship righted and got back on course, took the lead there late, Joe gets the three and we take a one-point lead, and then we just couldn't get the rebounds.
So, as most games against good opponents do, they come down to getting some stops and some rebounds and, you know, we didn't get it done.  And it started, like I said, we didn't finish the first half very well.  Thought we had a chance to go up a few more.  Didn't get a rebound there and didn't get stops and then start of the second half, you know, they really came out swinging.

Q.  You've been involved in a number of NCAA games, can you speak to the crowd in terms of how loud or one sided?  Have you ever experienced anything like it in an NCAA Tournament game as a coach?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  You know, not like this.  You know, in 2002 we played Illinois in the United Center, but the game, the crowd wasn't nearly as vocal as this one.  You know, like I said earlier, Wisconsin earned, you know, the opportunity with a No. 2 seed.
But, you know, it was a great crowd for them and, you know, they really got into it, you know, on both ends.  They were very vocal.

Q.  With that in mind, did you kind of feel that maybe you had less wiggle room to make an error in case there was some kind lapse at the start of the second half because the crowd was so one sided?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Sure.  Once that momentum swung, we were in trouble.  They started hitting some 3s and getting easy baskets inside.  Our defense effort was just not good, and those easy baskets fueled their energy and then we're in big trouble.
I was proud of the guys for getting back under control and, you know, fighting back and taking the lead there.  But we just could not get a big rebound there.

Q.  Dana, Kaminsky in particular seemed to really give you guys some trouble there.  Can you talk a little bit about his role today?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Well, you know, the start of the second half there, they got it in deep, and, you know, we just didn't do a good job.  One time we didn't rotate on a pick and roll.  Other times we settled behind and he caught it deep.  I wish there was more to it.  We just didn't do a good job guarding him.  He's a good offensive player when he gets it that deep and we're in trouble.  So, we did a poor job.
THE MODERATOR:  Anything else for Coach?

Q.  How impressive was Joseph's shooting, given the Wisconsin defensive reputation and the attention he got in the game?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Joe has had games like that for us before, you know, where he gets it going.  He's a good offensive player and thought he played really well.  You know, we didn't move the ball like we needed to, and we probably got too stagnant in a number of spots.  You know, we had some shots that we usually finish, you know, that we just didn't finish, and that's part of the tournament.
You know, you play hard, you want to win, you get a little tight and miss some shots that you normally hit, you know, and when they got the momentum swung the other way, you know, we didn't play as loose and as free as we needed to.
THE MODERATOR:  Last call for Coach.  Thank you Coach.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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