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March 21, 2014

Chesson Hadley


Q.  69, 68, very consistent.  How did you find the golf course?
CHESSON HADLEY:  It's in unbelievable shape.  Probably the fastest greens I've ever putted on.  They are lightning.  I've been struggling with my speed, but I've been hitting the ball so well I've been able to score well.  Anytime you can go bogey‑free around Bay Hill you're doing something right.
I'm using my momentum from Puerto Rico, and I placed well last week.  Let's just go and enjoy the weekend.  There's a lot of big names here, who are very accomplished in how to win.  Hopefully I can play well and be right there come Sunday.

Q.  You just went from playing in the back of the bus to playing with Zach Johnson on Thursday and Friday.  Talk about what's that like.  I saw you guys walking and talking up 18?
CHESSON HADLEY:  Zach ‑‑ all the Christian guys, I'm a Christian, myself, they've really done a good job of making me feel welcome and included out here.  It was a very comfortable pairing.  I knew a little bit‑‑ we knew each other a little bit prior to the round this week and, yeah, we just had a lot of fun out there.  And George is an awesome guy, George McNeill.  It helps that we're all playing well.  Excited about the weekend, for sure.

Q.  You're a Son of the South, ACC basketball, did you stay up and watch that game last night?
CHESSON HADLEY:  You know, I watched a little bit of it.  I'm a Duke fan.  I went to Georgia Tech, I love Georgia Tech, but Duke has my heart.  They're in there playing right now, hopefully we can take down Mercer.  But I turned the TV off and they were up like 14 with three or four minutes left, and I saw they lost in over time, which is a tough break.
Yeah, it's nice, we had a morning tee time today, I'll probably go grab some lunch and put my feet up and watch some basketball.

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