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March 20, 2014

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:  It took me 18 holes to get to Adam Scott's 9‑hole score.
I'm obviously upset bogeying the last, but I'm very happy with 5‑under.  It's an extremely difficult golf course.  I played very well today.

Q.  You did.  And you played well at the start of the year and you came back over here to resume the American season and you played some of the toughest golf you're going to face all year in the last month.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, with my category I don't get into everything that I want to get into.  So I have to plan what I can.
First it is great to be back at Bay Hill.  Thank Scott and Mr. Palmer.  But if I had known it was going to be this difficult, I might have thought twice about being here.
I've always loved tough golf courses.  And this is one of those.  It's set up absolutely perfectly.  Although it is very, very difficult, it does allow you to shoot some numbers, as we saw today.

Q.  Speaking of tough roads, I don't know if you are a college basketball fan, but your ASU Sun Devils have a tough road in front of them, starting with Texas and then Michigan, that's a tough road.
PAUL CASEY:  I just looked at Texas, I didn't go any further than that.  It's just great that the Sun Devils are in the tournament.  Basketball has struggled ever since I turned up in '97, which was very shortly after a bit of an issue we had with that program.
It hasn't been where we've wanted to be in town.  And I don't get to go to the games much.  I did see the win against the Wildcats, which I have to highlight, because that's always a good win.  Whenever we beat UofA we like to brag about it.  I'm excited for them, I really am.  I hope they can get through a couple of rounds and see where we go.  I'm fully behind them.

Q.  Did you see a 62 out there today?
PAUL CASEY:  After what?  15 holes, maybe.  I don't know.  Those were some of the toughest pin positions I've seen in a while.  And I've not been back here since '08.  So it's not gotten any easier, even though back then that's when it was being messed around with par‑5s being par‑4s.
I don't care, 62 is an unbelievable score, with a bogey.  How did he do it?  A bit of everything?

Q.  A lot of 25‑footers.
PAUL CASEY:  Really?

Q.  Two eagles and one bogey.
PAUL CASEY:  Then that's some great putting, because I think the greens are incredibly quick, difficult to read.  Hats off to him, very impressive.

Q.  Talk about your round, what was going good for you?
PAUL CASEY:  I worked‑‑ I put a new driver in the bag this week, actually, Nike driver, 2.0 Covert, which I've been testing for a while, but the one before that, I guess, technically it's called like the Dot.  Sort of Covert Dot, more of a pear‑shaped head than the Dot.  And I put this one in, I thought it gave me a little extra yardage.  I liked the ball flight.  And I've been working hard on‑‑ when I played my best golf I had a bullet cut that I could hit with the driver.  I've been, working hard to get that shot down and I used it a lot today.  And I put the ball in play.  And I put the ball in play long, which was the key.  I didn't putt the way I necessarily wanted to.  I holed out pretty good from six feet.  Apart from that I didn't make much.  It was really‑‑ it was 5‑under from ball‑striking, that's the key.

Q.  What's your schedule the next weeks?
PAUL CASEY:  Definitely Houston.  I'd love to finish off a great week this week, and probably find me in San Antonio.  I'd love to put The Masters on that schedule.  It's up in the air.  I'll play what I can get into.  And now my game is good, and I'm getting some confidence going.
I really want to get my full playing rights back on the PGA Tour.  I'll play in whatever I can play in and get the World Ranking back in the top‑50 and do what I have to.  I'd love to nail it down for you, but I don't know.

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