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March 20, 2014

Dana Altman

Johnathan Loyd

Joseph Young


Oregon – 87
BYU – 68

THE MODERATOR:  Oregon Coach Dana Altman will open with a statement and take questions for Oregon student-athletes, Joseph Young and Johnathan Loyd.  Coach, congratulations.  Your statement, please.
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Well, we had some guys really play well in the second half.  Elgin Cook had a great game and really finished everything down low, and once they made the run and got it to three, I thought he made a big play there and got a three-point play.  Then we got some stops and we were able to pull away.
BYU is a very good offensive team and Dave does such a good job, you know, Collinsworth being out, you know, did hurt.  We had a heck of a game with them at our place and the difference was Collinsworth not being in there, because he is a really talented guy, does a lot of things for them.
So, you know, it was a benefit for us that he wasn't able to play.  The fact that Elgin, who had a good game in Eugene when we played them, had a great game today.  So, I think that was the difference in the ballgame.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Coach.  Questions for the student-athletes, please.

Q.  For either of you two.  Could you tell that Elgin was pretty fired up about being home and would you have expected this from him, based on what you saw in practice and the locker room?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  Yeah.  I knew he was fired up right from the selection show.  He found out it was in Milwaukee.  He's been hyped ever since then.  I expected him to play, play inspired basketball.  Every time you have a homecoming, you play in front of your friends and family, you get inspired.  I was expecting this for sure.
THE MODERATOR:  Maybe if both the you, Johnathan and Joseph, can talk about -- I know it's fresh in your mind, but facing Wisconsin in their home state on Saturday.
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  I can say it's going to be a road game, obviously.  But, you know, we're a pretty good road team.  Just from watching them a little today, they have good inside presence, you know, guards can shoot the ball.  They play real disciplined basketball, real fundamentally sound.
We'll have our work cut out.  We'll have to play good basketball.
JOSEPH YOUNG:  Good team.  Just got to come out and have the intensity on defense.  They're at home.  We're a good road team.  We come in as a family and as a whole team.  It should be good.

Q.  Joseph, what did you guys talk about in the huddle after they hit the three-pointer and cut it down to three, kind of a big run for them?
JOSEPH YOUNG:  We just -- everybody got together and said, we've been here before, don't put your head down.  We need to go back out there and play team ball and just execute, commit to defense, and get the rebound off the defensive end.  And I felt like we did a good job on that part and came out and got stops, and we won the ballgame.
THE MODERATOR:  Other questions for the student-athletes?  All right.  Thank you very much.
Questions for Coach Altman, please.

Q.  Dana, could you see this coming with Elgin, or was this just a matter of, you know, as Dave Rose said, there's a lot of the penetration and he got open?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  I thought we did a good job of hiding him along the baseline.  They went to the zone and we got some penetration and lot of good passes to him on the baseline.  Richard hit him for one.  I think John had six assists, couple of them were to him.  I thought our guys did a good job of finding him, but I thought his movement in finding the holes in the zone was really good and then he finished.  I think he was eight for nine from the field.
So, not only do you have to get the ball down there, but he was in traffic and he finished, and I think he went five for five from the free throw line in the second half.  He missed a couple free throws that first half, but the second half I thought he hit them all.  I think he really got going with those two offensive rebounds in the second half that he got and got put backs on.  I thought that really helped him get going.

Q.  Coach, I know you haven't had much time to prepare yet.  What are your initial thoughts about Saturday's matchup with Wisconsin?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  We know they're a very good basketball team.  They're very well coached.  Bo does a great job.  They're talented.  We're going to have a hard time matching up with the big fella inside, you know.
So, it's going to be a tough matchup for us.  We won't have a lot of people cheering for us, and so the atmosphere will be tough, but that's okay.  You know, our guys will look forward to the challenge.  You know, they've earned the right to play in their region as a No. 2 seed, and so we've just got to overcome that.
It's going to be a great challenge for our team, but, you know, our team has been bouncing back all year and I think they'll be ready to go on Saturday.  We're going to have to play really well.  They're a good team, and when you play good teams, you got to bring your A game and we're going to have to play really, really good basketball.

Q.  Dana, what does it say about your team, your inside defense, that Moser has four fouls and hardly plays in the second half and you're still able to play the way you did?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  I thought Richard stepped up and really gave us some good minutes.  Ben didn't play very many minutes, but his seven minutes were pretty good.  Wave did okay.  Those three guys held down the five spot pretty well.  And then when Mo didn't play real well, Elgin stepped in and played great, you know.  So from that position with Mo only getting seven, we still got 30 points, you know.  So the four spot was pretty good for us because Elgin played so well.
You know, that's what you like from a ball team, that you got some depth so that one player gets in trouble and -- foul trouble, that you have somebody else step up, and in this case, with Mike with his foul trouble, Elgin really stepped up.
You know, I think we had 49 points off the bench, you know, so that's a heck of a stat with Jason coming in, Rich coming in and Elgin, obviously getting sponge points, but we had 40 some points off the bench.
THE MODERATOR:  Anything else for Coach?  Thank you.  Congratulations.  See you tomorrow.

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