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March 19, 2014

Dana Altman

Johnathan Loyd

Mike Moser


THE MODERATOR:  Come to the podium, please, Oregon student-athletes, Mike Moser and Johnathan Loyd.  Guys, thanks for coming.  Welcome to Milwaukee.  Questions, please.

Q.  This is sort of, you know, you guys having played this team earlier in the season, what do you think still applies from that earlier game?  What can you take forward from that win and apply it tomorrow?
MIKE MOSER:  BYU is a very talented team.  We learned that up in Eugene when they scored about a hundred points on us.  They can obviously score in a hurry.  But, I mean, we definitely grown since that game, so obviously they've grown and come a long way, too.  It will probably be a really different game.

Q.  Jonathan, this question for you.  Were you surprised at how quickly Mike was able to fit in and adapt to you guys.  Can you kind of describe what all it is that he brings to you guys?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  I wasn't surprised at all.  He knows how to play the game of basketball.  When you have a high IQ, you can fit into any system.  He's unselfish.  He can really stretch the floor for us, shoot the ball, and when you can make plays at the power forward position, it gives you a new -- gives you a new aspect to your offense.

Q.  Mike, you guys beat BYU, beat Utah, and then kind of went on a skid there.  What did you guys get away from and what did you rediscover over the course of the past few weeks?
MIKE MOSER:  Over the past few weeks of our skid, how important defensive rebounding is to our team.  We can score.  Don't really have trouble doing that at ALL.  We've only really been in a situation where we haven't scored for five, six minutes in a game, maybe one, two times this year.  So, that's never going to be really the issue for us.
We just feel we take care of defending and rebounding, which we weren't doing consistently at that time, which I feel like is why we kind took those skids and some of those losses.  We started doing that on a consistent basis, we started really winning games.

Q.  How much did BYU change without Kyle Collinsworth and how much did the defense prepare differently knowing he won't be able to play?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  Kyle is a great player.  He made a lot of plays for them, and without him on the floor, just going to have another person step up, you know.  When we were in Eugene, they had bench players come in and play well for them.  So just going to have another bench player have more time and step up.  They have more talented players that can do that.

Q.  Johnathan, how much interaction did you have with Anson Winder over the course of the season about either your own games, your teams and everything?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  Every time I catch him to play, I'll text him after to let him know what I saw.  Every time he sees me play, he'll text me.  Right after we saw the draw, we both immediately texted each other like five minutes after we saw it.  Still my guy.  We still talk a lot.  And once all this is over, we'll probably, you know, get back together over the years.
THE MODERATOR:  Any other questions?  Both of you, if you could answer, how did the Pac-12 prepare you for this test?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  It's a very deep conference and a lot of teams who can score just as well as BYU.  So, it prepared us a lot just playing against good competition.

Q.  Level of familiarity being on the tournament stage.  Does it feel kind of like getting back on a bike when you go through the process again?
MIKE MOSER:  Maybe to a certain extent, but, I mean, I don't think we're used to the excitement of coming to this atmosphere.  Right now I know our guys were so anxious to get on the court and fill out the arena more.  Tomorrow I'm sure it will be heightened times two.  I don't think you ever really get use to it.
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  Like Coach says, he's been here 18, 20 times, something like that, but every time he feels excited, you know.  I know what he's saying because it's my second time and I'm still excited, just like last year.  So, me and Mike are -- both have experience here, but like he said, the excitement is still there.  It's at an all-time high.

Q.  Can you guys tell me how excited is Elgin?  Has he bent your ear off about Milwaukee and telling you everything about the area?
MIKE MOSER:  He's definitely really excited.  He's been hounding us for our tickets all week.  So I'm sure he'll have a big following out there tomorrow, but he was super excited even before selection Sunday, he was hoping and praying we were going to make to it Milwaukee.  As soon as they called our name and said we're coming here, he jumped up and he went crazy.

Q.  Going back to that game in December, can you guys take me through the last like, say, 30 seconds.  You trailed almost the entire game.  What it was like to finally get the lead or closing it on getting the lead after being down?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  I think we were down seven with about two minutes to go, and, you know, we just kind of got some stops and guys made big shots and Mike ended up tying it up with about 30 seconds to go or something like that.  And then in overtime we just kind of pulled away.
So, like Mike was saying earlier, they're a great offensive team.  They really get out in transition, and Tyler Haws was feeling it against us that game.  So, we're going to have to do a good job of stopping him so we don't see a repeat of that.

Q.  Johnathan, what clicked with Calliste against BYU, a career high?  And was it the matchup or simply the game?  What do you guys need to get that kind of output with him tomorrow?
JOHNATHAN LOYD:  Before that game he just told me he was feeling it, actually, and when he's feeling it, he's really feeling it because he can always shoot the ball.  I think he's only -- I don't think he's had a game where he hasn't shot the ball well, maybe one.  So, I don't know if it was a matchup or what, but when he came out and hit the first shot off the bench, I knew it was going to be a big game for him.  He kept it rolling.  They tried to go under the screens on him.  He kept knocking down that trey.
THE MODERATOR:  Other questions.  Mike and Johnathan, thank you.  Good luck.
Oregon Coach, Dana Altman is here.  And maybe, Coach, if could you just say a word or two, and then we'll open it up for questions.
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Well, a month ago, this didn't look like it was going to happen.  So I'm real happy for the guys that they got things on the right track and were able to participate in this year's NCAA Tournament.  Got a good group of seniors that have worked awfully hard, and I think that, you know, we have an opportunity to play a BYU team that we played early in the year, and we know it's a tough matchup.  Offensively they're an explosive team, and so we know we're going to have to play well.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  What can you take from the earlier game that still applies?  Obviously it's been a long time and they're playing different.  I'm sure you guys have progressed.  What still can you learn, what did you learn from the first game that you may apply to tomorrow's action?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Well, I think that, you know, their transition was really faster and quicker than we anticipated.  They jumped on us pretty early.  We were unable to keep up with them, their speed and the way they got it up and down the floor, you know, really surprised us.
So, I think we'll take that from the first game that we know we got to put our defensive transition together quicker.  I think that will be a big, big key in the game.
You know, Tyler really hurt us.  He got 32 in the game, but he hits a variety of shots and so, you know, he's getting almost 24 points a game.  So it's no accident.  He scores against everybody, and he's a great mid range player.  Gets to the basket and inside, he really offensive rebounds very well.
If you look at their numbers, they're a very good offensive rebounding team.  Those three things are critical for us, you know, of getting back defensively, making sure that Tyler doesn't have a huge game, and then making sure that on the boards we stay close to them, because they're a very good rebounding team.

Q.  How much of a different team is BYU without Kyle Collinsworth and how much differently do you prepare for them without him?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  That's a really tough question to answer in the fact it's kind of been our experience when someone goes down that first game, the team really gets together and, you know, somebody steps up and has a big game.  You got to be real fearful of someone who loses a player, especially Collinsworth is very good.  He does a lot of things.
They've got a lot of guys sitting there waiting for an opportunity and will jump in there and try to help the team, try to show that they can do it, and they've got people there that are very talented.
So, I think it will make some difference.  I think they may be a little more perimeter oriented.  I think they'll have a couple guys that maybe shoot the three a little bit better.  He was versatile for them.  He played the three and the four and even brought the ball down the floor sometimes.
I'm sure they'll miss that.  But I'm sure there are a lot of guys sitting over there anxious to get an opportunity, and it's the NCAA Tournament.  They'll be anxious to get in there and show everybody what they can do.

Q.  When Brandon Austin transferred to Oregon, what were your conversations like?  You said you knew that the suspensions weren't that serious.  Can you go through what your conversations were with Providence?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Ed and I had some conversations.  You know, we felt comfortable with the fact that Providence wanted him to stay, and at the time we gathered all the information we could and felt comfortable with our decision.

Q.  Has any of your information changed?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  We haven't received any information, no.

Q.  What is his status with your team now that a lot of the allegations that have come out?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  I haven't received any information, so I'm not sure what those are.  When we get back to campus, I'll sit down with our athletic director and decide what direction we go.

Q.  Ed Cooley said wasn't able to share very many details.  Do you know what details were shared with you at the time?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  No.  We talked, but specifics we didn't go into.  I'm sure there's some legal things that he had to be very careful of.

Q.  What did you learn about your team during that slide in the middle of the year where you guys were sputtering a little bit and how did you kind of snap out of that?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  Well, it was a tough stretch.  You know, a lot of teams would have folded, lot of teams could have gave into it.  I was really proud the way the guys fought it and stayed with it.  We had four, two-point losses, two at home to Stanford and UCLA and two on the road at Arizona and Arizona State.  It was a long month, and the guys could have folded, but they didn't.
So, I was pleased with the leadership we got from John Loyd and Mike and the seniors, Jason stepped up, did a good job.  So we got some good leadership and the guys, you know, got a roll going and able to fight back.
It was a long, hard month for the players, the coaches, our fans.  It didn't go very well there for awhile.

Q.  Coach, you sensing a little familiarity for at least half the guys that are back here, is that helping at all?
COACH DANA ALTMAN:  I don't know.  We didn't have anybody went to the tournament last year and it worked out okay.  So, you know, I'm not sure, you know, how important experience is.  It should help.  We've got guys that have gone, and the six guys that were with us last year got a couple games under their belt Mike and Jason both played.  We do have a number of players who have played, and hopefully that will help us.
THE MODERATOR:  Other questions, please.  All right.  Coach, thank you good luck.

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