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March 13, 2014

Dana Altman

Mike Moser


UCLA – 82
Oregon – 63

THE MODERATOR:  We'll get started with the Oregon players.

Q.  For both of you individually, what's it mean to get the opportunity to go play in the NCAA Tournament this year?
MIKE MOSER:  It's truly important to us and our team.  We feel like we really put in some work this season, and to go on a late run to make that opportunity possible, it definitely feels good.

Q.  Was fatigue any kind of a factor tonight?
MIKE MOSER:  Oh, no.

Q.  Coach Altman, could you give us your perspective to start?
COACH ALTMAN:  Well, we had some bad turnovers there in the first half that kind of changed the momentum of the game.  The second half we didn't get stops.  We were scrambling a little bit there.  Their size, they threw it inside.  Adams got a couple easy looks, and we had some bad possessions offensively.  We did have some open looks.  We didn't hit shots, shots that we'd been hitting.
Jason missed a couple threes, and we had some decent looks that we just didn't hit.  But it boiled down to defensively us just not getting stops.  17 turnovers for our team is just way too many.

Q.  Coach, for you, the opportunity to go to the NCAA Tournament, what advice will you give to your players that haven't had that opportunity yet?
COACH ALTMAN:  Well, we'll be excited.  We'll get over the disappointment of tonight's ballgame, and we'll get back to Eugene.  Sunday we'll be excited for the selection show then we'll get ready to play.
But it was a disappointing effort tonight, but we'll bounce back.  We've had to bounce back before, and our guys will be ready to go Thursday or Friday, whichever day that we're playing.

Q.  What did you see kind of the start of the second half?  Seemed like they came out with quite a bit of energy and just kind of built it up from there?
COACH ALTMAN:  We had some really bad possessions offensively and they didn't, you know.  They jumped on us pretty quick.  It went from 2 to 7, 9 pretty quickly.  We just weren't executing offensively.  We missed some shots that we normally hit and our defensive energy went way down, the rebounding numbers in the second half or turnovers.  I think you could point to a lot of different things.

Q.  Mike, Johnny said he thought it was the worst game of the year.  Would you agree with that as a team?
MIKE MOSER:  It was pretty close, definitely.

Q.  Jason Calliste looked like he was banged up a little bit on his right side with his ribs?
COACH ALTMAN:  Yeah, I'm not sure what happened in the first half there.  Something was bothering him, and we'll have to wait and see what it is exactly.  The trainers were looking at him in the locker room.  I don't think it's anything serious.  I just think he took a blow to the side, and we'll just have to wait and see.

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