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February 27, 2014

Paula Creamer


MEGHAN FLANAGAN:  We welcome Paula Creamer, 67, you have to be thrilled with the way you opened up.  Talk about the round today.
PAULA CREAMER:  I played well.  I didn't hit the ball that great on the back side, but made some birdies, and you know, I really enjoy this golf course.  It just fits my game really well and I love how it's playing really windy, makes it just so much tougher.
You have to really think a lot out here and that kind of has always been called my caddie and I's strong suit.  It does, it matches well.  Having a good tournament here last year is always nice coming into it, and you feel good, you feel good about the golf course.
MEGHAN FLANAGAN:   Talk about this week.  I know you were very busy starting Monday and then Tuesday you had the sponsor outing, you had the photo call, press conference, interviews.  I know you embrace those type of roles and you're one of the best ambassadors for the Tour.  Do those type of weeks help leading in having your mind off of coming into a big event like this or staying busy.
PAULA CREAMER:  A little bit of both.  I think I was exhausted yesterday.  I got my really good first night's sleep last night and I felt very refreshed this morning.  It's been a busy couple days, that's for sure.  It's always a good thing.  I think it's important to give back to our tour, but you also have to learn to say no at times.
You know, if you don't play well, then none of those things happen and you can't let it affect your play.  But just learning how to, I think time management has been so important to really look at over the past several years and I‑‑ for me, that's what I had to look at this week.  I had four or five different things I had to do, and it's not always like that.  But when it does, you have to really look at it and kind of take it as it goes.

Q.  Lovely touch on what looked like pretty slippery greens today?
PAULA CREAMER:  They were fast.  I love fast greens.  I always have.  I feel like you have to just be a little bit more creative, and it's not about just banging it in the back of the hole.  I like that, and they were fast, my goodness.  There were some really, really quick putts out there.
Putting it in the right spot and giving yourself the right look and birdie chance is really what it all comes down to.  It was nice to see the pins for tomorrow.  I walked around the greens and I always look for the dot to just kind of refresh yourself when you are there in the heat of the moment tomorrow or the next coming days.
MEGHAN FLANAGAN:   I'll keep going on.  Two top threes this season.  I talked to you in Thailand just about such a strong start.  You have to be very happy with the type of momentum that you're having just at the start of the season.  How important is that to get off the year to a strong start?
PAULA CREAMER:  I played great in the Bahamas.  You know, I played really well in Australia, and last week, I didn't play that great but had a good Sunday finish.  You're not going to play well at all of them but you have to kind of be‑‑ my main goal is just to be very consistent this year and obviously a win happens by itself, you don't have to force any of that.  I do; I think I feel very confident out on the golf course with my swing.
I know I'm not going to hit every shot perfect and for the last couple of years that's all I've really been thinking about is just a result instead of the process, and kind of have a new look at it now, and just like I said, continuing what I've been trying to do and being confident with it.

Q.  Great round but you said you didn't hit it great on the back nine.  Is that something you're looking to improve going forward the next few days?
PAULA CREAMER:  I missed a lot of fairways today.  I hit it in a bunch of fairway bunkers.  I hit my irons in spots where I needed to but my overall play, if you were to look at my card, some days, you shoot good numbers or some days you shoot even par and you played great.  There's other days where you just grind it out.
I didn't hit it as well on the back nine.  It got really hot there for a little bit and I think my stomach was kind of starting to bother me a little bit, and I'm going to have to maybe eat a little bit more fruit out on the golf course tomorrow, kind of change my plan with that.  Because it's been three weeks in two very‑‑ two previous ones, very hot weather and our bodies are getting just a little bit fatigued and I was aware of that today.

Q.  It's looking a bit crowded at the top, but it's early; how are you looking ahead for the next few days?
PAULA CREAMER:  Today is the first day.  Gosh, we have so much golf left.  I don't really look at leaders boards as it is much.  It's just you have to start off on the right foot.  Either way, you have a bad day today, come back tomorrow and play well, and for me, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.
I know where‑‑ what holes you've to get your pars on and what holes that you can take advantage of and make birdies.  That's something that sometimes there's flags that they are so enticing but you can't go for it, and that's kind of going to be my game plan is to take it where it comes.

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