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February 21, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Jordan Spieth continues to advance in this championship.  How good was this golf you played today?
JORDAN SPIETH:  It was solid.  I mean, I was very fortunate.  I hit a couple of putts early in the round.  It looked like they were going to stop short and then just kind of stopped and fell on the edge, kind of that ended up being the difference.
I knew Matt was going to play some great golf, as he always does.  One of the most consistent players to ever play the game of golf.  It was going to be a battle today and I had to drive the ball straight and have some closer looks than his.  I gave hima ‑‑ I kind of hit it out of play and plugged it in the bunker and he made birdie and par on those holes to get back in it.  But, ultimately, I had a big enough cushion just barely to pull it off.

Q.  Never easy at this point in the championship.  What does it mean to beat the defending champ as you continue to move on?
JORDAN SPIETH:  It means a lot.  I mean, he played some great golf.  He loves the golf course.  I was able to see what shots he was playing.  He really got some bad bounces today, to be honest with you.  He had a couple of shots that landed in the fairway and bounced into the rough.
But ultimately, you've got to knock off the guys that have won or knock off major champions in this tournament.  You have to take every match like you have to shoot 7 or 8‑under to win, because typically you do.

Q.  As this week moves on, how much more comfortable are you getting with this golf course, a format now in the professional level for you?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I'm getting definitely more and more comfortable with the golf course.  On the greens, I need to get some work done on my putting, get a pop back into it.  I was a little easy on the greens today.
You know, other than that I feel great.  I'm striking the ball as good as I ever have.  If the putter is there, it should be...

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