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February 2, 2014

Tiger Woods


Q.  Good finish, three birdies?
TIGER WOODS.  Yeah, unfortunately turned it around too late.  I drove it great today, I did all day.  Iron game was not as sharp as I'd like and I didn't make anything.  I had seven lipouts today.  That's quite a few lipouts.

Q.  Did you learn anything specific this week with your game?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I told you, I just made a quick, easy fix with my grip the other day and from then on drove it great.  Still need a little bit of work chipping out of this ryegrass.  As I said, I've been chipping out of bermuda, it's a little different technique.

Q.  The next two weeks will in any way dictate your schedule, adding any events leading up to Augusta?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I'm going to play every week from here on to the rest of the year.  How's that?  (Laughter).
We'll see what happens. 

Q.  Is it easier to fix the putting than the long game?
TIGER WOODS:  The long game was certainly frustrating last week.  Definitely made some good putts and this week, just kept lipping everything out.  My speed is just a fraction off.  The grain would snag is or I would blow right through it and catch a high slice.  It's one of those weeks where I kept lipping everything out.

Q.  Talk about the progress you've made over the last two weeks?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, as I said, a quick little fix to my grip and that was all good, and the driving was something that I didn't really do very well last week.  This weekend, nice to be able to start piping it out there again and getting it out there with the big boys, when I was‑‑ I didn't have my grip right, obviously I throttled back a little bit, try to get the ball in play, and just don't hit it as far.  I'm able to now start letting it go, a couple of carries out there in the 310,315 range and I hit over the top of them.  So that's back to where I should be.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:  I don't know, I've never been.  This is my first time so it will be fun and then head home and see my kids.

Q.  I know you said you were rooting for the Broncos.  Will you watch the game with Freddie?
TIGER WOODS:  No, I think he can watch I think the first half maybe, maybe, and he's got to get that eight‑something flight, so he's got to get out of here.  I'll be able to watch the whole game.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
TIGER WOODS:  14 green, I don't know if that was his first time out there or not.  I was playing 5 and saw him over on 14 green when he was playing and to see him over there, I just figured he'd be bored and wanted something to do.  Made two straight bogeys.

Q.  When you do get home, whenever that is, what will you do?  Is it anything different than normal?
TIGER WOODS:  No, I'm probably going to work on my lag putting.  My lag putting needs to be a little bit better than it has been, get the speed on those putts.  But as far as hitting my lines, I'm hitting my lines.  I just don't have the speed just right.  Concentrate a little bit more on speed and as I said, I really need to start chipping out of ryegrass.
That's something that I just need to start doing, because the technique is so different chipping out of bermuda and that's all I have at the house.  Going to have to alter that a little bit.

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