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September 25, 2005

Jim Furyk

Phil Mickelson

Kenny Perry


Q. Tough week but you came out firing today and got up early and never really let up?

KENNY PERRY: I birdied 2, 3 and 4 right out of the hopper and got to 3 up immediately after four holes and that set the tone for the whole day. I made a bunch of birdies, lipped out an eagle. I think I shot 7 or 8 under on my own ball and just really never let him catch any air. I just stayed on top of him and just played very steady, consistent and it was just a very fun round of golf to finally win one for our team.

Q. Very typical of when you've played well like at Colonial, you just make birdie after birdie.

KENNY PERRY: I was on cruise control and the ball is going at the flagstick and my putter was beautiful today.

Q. Talk about your shot here on 15, you won the match from the fairway, how nice was that?

KENNY PERRY: That was special, to come up the fairway, everybody chanting "U S A." It gave me goosebumps. Just brought tears to my eyes. I've never experienced anything like that in all of my years on the golf course.

Q. Getting a point early along with Justin had to be nice, too.

KENNY PERRY: Yeah, hopefully it inspires our guys. They knew how poorly I was playing. I told them if I could somehow win a match and win it pretty convincingly it may give them a shot of confidence.

Q. Did you change anything?

KENNY PERRY: No, just the day went my way.

JIM FURYK: To be undefeated this week, it's all due to my partners. I hung in there for Fred Funk, played his heart out for me, he always does. My first match with Tiger, I was not in good shape. I know I hung in there with him yesterday and played real well, but I had two great partners and that's what it's all about. It's about the team.

Q. You won four out of a possible five points this week, did you think you were capable of that physically given your rib problem at the start of the event?

JIM FURYK: No. I was real lucky to have the Physiotherapy Associates team out here, Tom LaFountain; he got me going Thursday, and I was also very fortunate to have Fred Funk play so well on Thursday.

Tiger was a machine on Friday. I just had to sit back and watch the show. I had some pretty good partners to help me through that. I came along a little bit in the third round and fourth and fifth round I played well and gradually got better as the week went on. I'm glad to put some points up there for my team.

Q. A tough test today.

JIM FURYK: Yeah, I knew I had my hands full. He's a really good, young player. He's got a lot of talent, THE PLAYERS Championship winner. What it kind of boiled down to is we are both playing really well and we both hit some great shots. He had two of the nastiest lipouts today, 360s that came back at him where the ball was not hit too hard, perfect putts. Basically that was the difference. We both hit the ball great. I made a few more putts.

Q. There were a lot of opportunities.

JIM FURYK: There always is. That's part of match play. I missed a couple of putts where I was inside him and could have won them all. Any time you play anyone in match play we always say it boils down to putting, and today it really did. I was able to knock in three or four more putts than him and that was the difference.

Q. Down the stretch did you want to just force him to go for birdies and just play it safe, especially the last four or five holes?

JIM FURYK: Not particularly. Some of my iron shots coming in, 15, I was going right back at the stick and hit it in there about six feet and he hit it five feet. Like I said, even when I was 2 and 3 up, he came back and made an incredible putt on 13 with the toe of his putter nonetheless and stuffs it in there on 14. Right there I knew I had to keep trying to make birdies. Pars were not going to win the match.

Q. What did you think when he hit it with the toe of the putter? It seemed at that point maybe the momentum might swing a little bit.

JIM FURYK: It could have very easily. On the next hole, I hit a bad putt on 14, hit a great 7 iron in there and bad putt. He hit a wonderful shot, about a 7 or 8 footer to get within one and it just didn't golf that was big.

For me, I think the big deal was, hey, knock this putt n on top of him and don't let him gain any ground.

PHIL MICKELSON: For Chris to win it just was so fitting this week. Even though he won it for us, I still felt that pressure on 18 and I take away a memory and a finish that I'll always remember.

Q. You had done exactly what you needed to do. You found out you were going extra holes; how did you pick yourself back up, that had to take the air out of the balloon.

PHIL MICKELSON: Well, I didn't dwell on it too much. I just went over to the first tee and tried to play smart, put one in the fairway and go from there.

Q. Where were you when you knew that Chris made it?

PHIL MICKELSON: I was just short left of the green with a pretty basic chip shot uphill.

Q. Cabrera was where?

PHIL MICKELSON: Cabrera was over the back inaudible the official, we heard the roar.

Q. And you stopped there?

PHIL MICKELSON: Yeah, that's it.

It's a memory that we'll have a lifetime and we'll never forget. It's one of our memories that we'll have in the game of golf. And it's not just the winning, it's the sharing of the week, it's the process of each match, it's the shots throughout the match, the things that were said, the camaraderie that is felt, and it's amazing how these relationships last through our careers.

End of FastScripts.

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