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January 4, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q.¬† Jordan Spieth, second round competitively, you've played some practice rounds and the Pro‑Ams.¬† What was the difference between yesterday's 66 and today's 70?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Just proximity to the hole.  I hit my irons a little closer yesterday with some wedges and took advantage of the shorter holes and par 5s.  Today probably three or four holes that maybe made a difference, but all in all, good position going into the weekend.

Q.  How do you balance looking at this golf course and knowing that you have to play aggressively to score but you also need to be patient so you don't make a few hiccups?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Bogeys drop you off on a course like this when there's so many birdies around.  It's all about patience and it's all about hitting the greens and once you start getting on a little streak and gaining confidence, you can start firing towards the pins.

Q.¬† Pretty similar ball‑striking, a few more putts, what was the background?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† I just didn't hit it as close as yesterday.¬† I really, if we look at putts from 15 feet and in, I had probably four or five less chances today than I did yesterday, so all in all, it's just a couple swings here and there that just weren't my best.¬† But still happy with the round, was able to grind it out and shoot 3‑under and stay in it.

Q.  Seemed today like most players were not able to score in the first five holes on the back nine today.  Was that due to hole locations?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Yeah, the wind picked up I think for most‑‑ we're bunched together enough where when the wind picks up, everybody is playing pretty much the same holes with that wind.¬†
All in all, there was tough hole locations on the left side with the wind left‑to‑right or the right side with the wind right‑to‑left.¬† It was whoever put the pins today did a good job and knew what they were doing with the wind.¬† They were tough to get it close to, and then from there, just lag putting is hard on this golf course so I was happy with a few of the second putts I made today.

Q.  You were talking about giving yourself chances and putting yourself in position, three back, 36 holes to go, will that change your game plan the rest of the way?
JORDAN SPIETH:  No, not at all.  I think I took the same game plan today as yesterday, I think it stays the same.  I knew which clubs to hit off certain tees.  I think the weather will be pretty similar.  Pins might get a little harder but all in all, there's no reason to change the game plan.  Just go catch Zach.

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