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January 3, 2014

Kevin Streelman


Q. You closed with two bogeys, but if those bogeys came early in the round or were spread throughout the 18 holes, would it taste different than a 67 would right now?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  You know, possibly.  As a professional golfer, you try to be mature about that and look at the positives and what I did well today.  I hit some awesome shots.  Putted the ball really well.  It's just day one so I'm in good position going forward.

Q.  On the front side, your second shot at the third?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, hit a pretty good number there.  There weren't a ton of people around it so I wasn't sure if it was really close or it actually went in.  That was pretty cool.  Just a nice, three‑quarter sand wedge and dialed it in.

Q.  Certainly putts a smile on your face.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Close to the same number.  Just had a more full shot at the same club, and just hit it right where I wanted it to, got a nice, easy look, about seven, eight feet, hit a straight putt and knocked it in.

Q.  You kept it going on the fifth.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, I hit two great shots, a drive and a 6‑iron and had a big, left swing and threw it out to the break.
7, that was a really difficult hole today.  I hit a full 3‑iron today, 350 yards it seemed like, played pretty down hill.  Hit a great 3‑iron and buried a nice 30‑footer.

Q.  You and your beautiful wife, Courtney, are parents of a six‑day‑old, Sophie; how is your world right now?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It's changed drastically.  She told me, you've got to play well today, her and Sophie are watching.  Lover you and miss you, wish you could be here with me.
We spent a week in the NICU, and holding your child there, attached to the breathing monitor and oxygen monitor; to see what parents go through gives you a new perspective on how to view, not only my profession and this game, but life in general.  So got a pretty fresh outlook.

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