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December 7, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  With all the conditions you battled, are you satisfied with that number?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I missed a couple of short ones out there today.  It was a tough day.  Once the rain got out of here and the skies opened up, this wind, it's so hard to pull a club.
I mean Zach and I we were backing off and trying to figure out something to hit out there and it's hard.  The wind's dancing all over the place.
13 was a perfect example for me.  I just took forever out there today.  Wind was downwind, into the wind, left to right, right to left and finally had it where it was down long enough where we just went with it.

Q.  Your mentality as you head into the final round with the lead and some good players behind you?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah.  Zach and I are out together again.  It'll be fun, and obviously Bubba made a move again.  He's right there.  So the three guys have a real good shot at it.

Q.  What would it mean to win this event here at Sherwood where it's been for 14 years for you?
TIGER WOODS:  It would be I think special not just for myself but the foundation and everyone who's involved with us and what we're trying to do.
And I know I'm going to try my best to try and get it done tomorrow.  We'll see what the weather is supposed to be.  I think we're supposed to have some frost in the morning and split the tees up, so that'll be a little bit different, but it should be cool, and hopefully the wind is out of here, because today was, man, it was tough to pull clubs.

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