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December 6, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  How would you rate a 62 today?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I played well.  I mean, I obviously hit a lot of good shots, but I made‑‑ I certainly made a lot more putts than I did yesterday.  Yesterday missing a couple kick‑ins certainly hurt the card.  But today was good.  Got off to a quick start and birdied the first two and from there was pretty solid.

Q.  Ball‑striking was as good as we've seen in a long time.  Why is everything clicking so well?
TIGER WOODS:  If I knew that answer we'd do it every week, right?  It's just one of those things where I felt good on the golf course but I didn't warm up well.  I didn't hit the ball well at all warming up.  It wasn't very good at all.  Seemed like I just stick to what I've been working on, and it should turn around, and birdied the first two right out of the gate, and I said, okay, let's keep it going.  The third hole was important because I striped it in there, and from there on it was pretty good.

Q.  Guys mentioned they had difficulty with the greens yesterday.  You made more putts today.  Was there any difference with the greens?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I was in good spots most of the time.  I only had a couple downhill putts that I had to make, but the majority of my putts were uphill where I had the ability to take a run at it.  As I said, I only made a couple that were downhill, but most of them were in good spots.

Q.  How many shots were you displeased with?
TIGER WOODS:  Not many.

Q.  Were there any?
TIGER WOODS:  Not many.  The putt on 17 wasn't very good.  I blocked the hell out of that one.  But other than that, it was a pretty good ball‑striking day.

Q.  When you're playing this well, what are you feeling when you're standing over the ball?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, just shape the shot, just trying to figure out what shape I'm going to hit it in.  Today the wind was down most of the day.  We didn't have much of a breeze until the very end it started to puff up a little bit.  But it was easy to commit to shots.  I think the next couple days will be certainly a test for all of us with rain and wind, and on this golf course because it can come from any different direction, and a lot of my numbers today were either full numbers or just a touch under full, so I didn't have to manufacture a lot of shots today, whereas some days you just never seem to have the right club.  You seem to be on that half yardage all the time.  Today I seemed to have a lot of full numbers.

Q.  How much does rain change this golf course?
TIGER WOODS:  Dramatically.  It is running right now.  It is fast.  We're hitting the ball way down there.  A couple 3‑woods and 5‑woods are going out there over 300 yards.  Certainly that's going to change if the rain hits tomorrow, and will certainly play a lot differently on Sunday, as well.

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