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November 8, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  Magnificent 63 to go with the 70 in the first round, what pleased you most about your play in the second round?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I played a little bit better certainly, and I made some putts today, which was nice.  But also, I missed a bunch, too.
So it was a round that could have been really special, but I'm right there.  I'm only one back.  It's bunched.  We're going to have to continue going low here the way the golf course is set up and how soft it's playing.  It's so receptive that it lends itself to a lot of birdies.

Q.  How did the course play this afternoon compared to yesterday afternoon?
TIGER WOODS:¬† Well, toward the end, the greens get a little bit rough.¬† We're talking about, you just don't leave yourself those 3‑ or 4‑footers because they are a little bit chewed up.
But you can be so aggressive here, the ball is not rolling out, it's not bouncing out.  So no matter what iron you have on the green, just fire right at it.

Q.  How do you establish a game plan when you come to a new course?  Does it evolve with form or with the way the course is changing as you go on?
TIGER WOODS:¬† Well, I think it's learning the golf course and how you're going to be able to play it.¬† I didn't foresee the scores going to be quite this low the first day.¬† When we're seeing 7‑under through 12, 7‑under through 13, 14 holes, you figure one of those guys might get to eight, nine or ten; game plan changes a little bit.¬† You figure it's going to be around 20‑plus under par is going to win the tournament and you have to get going.

Q.  We're excited about the prospect of this weekend, Stenson and Poulter going at it, you just behind them; how excited are you?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm right there, that's the whole idea.  Got two more days of hopefully making a lot of birdies.
Hit a lot of good shots and made some putts, but like I was saying over there, I missed quite a few putts today that were within ten feet, so it could have been one of those really low, special rounds, but I'll take it.
And this golf course lends itself to making a lot of birdies, we have five par 5s and a couple short par 4s and the greens are really receptive.  You just have to make a bunch of birdies.

Q.  What made the difference between rounds one and two?
TIGER WOODS:¬† I hit it better, there's no doubt.¬† The first day I didn't hit it very good.¬† Just kind of hanging in there, hanging in there and I hit it better this morning coming out.¬† Made a few birdies, which was nice, but I ended up bogeying 18, which was‑‑ you don't want to do.¬† It's an easy par 5.¬† But this afternoon, I played a lot better.

Q.  Good position into the weekend?
TIGER WOODS:¬† Yeah, only one back.¬† But it's so bunched, so many guys with a chance to win.¬† We know it's going to take something really low.¬† You're going to have to go 20‑plus probably to win this tournament.¬† Forecast is supposed to be like this the rest of the week, so if that's the case, just expect that guys are going to be aggressive and guys are going to make a lot of birdies.

Q.  What time were you up today?
TIGER WOODS:¬† Kickoff, so 3.30.¬† That's normal.¬† I'm on Singapore time still, so it's one of those things where we were up and looked like we were going to go 29‑7, almost had it turned and then on‑side kick goes their way, and then next thing you know, they got a chance to do it again.¬† I'm like, you know, I've got to go warm up for this tournament.¬† I've got to go play a round here, can you guys just kind of run the ball out and run the clock out, and they finally did.

Q.  Could you just talk a little about today, obviously today was tough and completely different conditions than we saw yesterday, and you come out and after watching some of the game, you prepare and this afternoon you come out and do what you were hoping to do?
TIGER WOODS:¬† The golf course is receptive and we are going to have to shoot low rounds.¬† The greens are slow; the greens are soft, and balls are not rolling out.¬† So I expect guys to make a lot of birdies.¬† And it's so bunched up there.¬† This morning, I think after one round, if you were 6‑under par, was Top‑10.
So that's kind of how it's going to be.¬† It's going to be 20‑plus in order to win this tournament, if the weather stays like this, and just got to go get it.

Q.  Is this enough of a challenge for you?  Or do you find your challenges in different ways?
TIGER WOODS:  It's different, because you just have to go low.  You just have to be aggressive and you have to make birdies.   There's five par 5s.  There's three or four really short par 4s if you can make them.  But there's a couple really beasty par 4s that you've got to play well.  But other than that, you can make a bunch of birdies here.  As I said, the greens are soft and receptive and they are slow.
So you can fire at just about every flag and know it's not going to bounce over the back and know it's going to stay right where it lands.

Q.  63 is pretty special.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, it's one of those rounds, where, yeah, it could have been really special.  I missed probably about four putts inside ten feet today for birdie, and you know, if I make those, it's a pretty low round.

Q.  Are you aware of this banter between Poults and Henrik and the bet they have got going?

Q.  How impressed are you with Henrik over the last six months?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I think it started with the British Open maybe, started playing well, and he's got it going pretty good.  He's playing consistent.  He's also playing hurt, too.  So he's going to have to try and get through these couple weeks and deal with a very long season.

Q.  This late in the season, does that help you sharpen the focus?
TIGER WOODS:¬† No, I think it's just playing a tournament.¬† You know, just trying to get myself back into the event, and I was at 2‑under par; I was six back at the time, and figured figure go out there and get to 8‑ , 9‑under par, I should be all right.¬† Happened to be a little better than that, which was nice, and I'm right there in the ballgame.

Q.  Were you thinking of a 59 today at some point then, if you thought 63 was going to be even better?
TIGER WOODS:  No, I wasn't that low, that low that early.  But if you look at the round, I did miss four putts inside ten feet that I should have probably made.  But other than that, it was a really good day.

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