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November 7, 2013

Paul Casey


Q.  You love to play your aggressive golf and it was there for you and you delivered today.
PAUL CASEY:¬† Yeah, it got off to a very aggressive start.¬† This is a golf course that seems to be‑‑ there are opportunities starting out.¬† There's a tough sort of middle section and tough opportunities at the end.
I really thought you've got to get off to a quick one with the two very, very reachable par 5s in the first four holes and I did exactly that.¬† Knocked a driver and 3‑wood to the first and holing it for eagle.
Nice because I had Tommy Fleetwood and Grégory Bourdais matching me all the way.  Tommy started with four birdies, so I didn't feel like I was out there by myself.  I clearly felt, if these guys are making a lot of birdies, then the entire field is going to be making a lot of birdies.  And sure enough, they were.  It was foot flat to the floor today and just fire at the pins, take advantage of the soft conditions we've got and see what happens.

Q.  That's the brand of golf that you do like to play, isn't it?
PAUL CASEY:¬† Occasionally, yeah.¬† Fire at sticks, me?¬† Never.¬† You know I probably aim for the stick probably too frequently, but you could get away with it today.¬† You've got to be wary of the humps and the knuckles and stay away from those, and if you get the wrong side of them ‑‑ but if you have an opportunity to go at flag and a good yardage, you have to take it.
The field is exceptionally strong and with a golf course, the layout of the golf course and the way the golf course is set up, I fully expect somebody is going to get to maybe 20‑plus under par this week.

Q.¬† You've done quite well on the Montgomerie‑designed golf courses in the past.
PAUL CASEY:  I've got no idea why.  Yeah, Bahrain and Carton House.  I don't know; I gave Monty a bit of grief when I saw him a couple of days ago.

Q.  How did that go?
PAUL CASEY:  Well, that's fairly easy, quite good fun, isn't it, giving Monty grief.  I do wonder, though, because there's a lot of bunkers; in fact, three of the par 5s, there's a big bunker in front of the green and there's a lot of trees in the fairways, which I wonder how Monty fares with his ball flight.  But that's not for me to sort of spend too much time worrying about.
Yeah, I've got no idea.  You know I get along well with Monty, and even though he is, you know, easy to sort of poke fun at, I do enjoy his golf courses.  I have no idea why, but maybe the fact that you can be incredibly aggressive does bode well for me.

Q.  The final thought, there's a lovely opportunity this week, next week, as well, to round off the year, which has been a year of pretty decent progression for you, hasn't it?
PAUL CASEY:  It's been very good.  I do look at the results and I'm still slightly frustrated by them.  I feel like I'm playing better golf than the results are showing.  The last two weeks have been pretty good, eighth and 20th is not bad.
But even there, you know, it's kind of the report card of sort of, could do better or should do better.  So for me, there's no backing off.  It's great that I'm striking it well.  It's great that I'm happy.  I'm loving my golf.  But I still want a lot more out of it and I want more victories.
Even though I've turned the corner, there's no kind of resting on the laurels and dwelling on, you know, I'm glad that I'm kind of out of the hole, so to speak.  Let's get on with it, and I need the results to be better.  There's goals which I want to start ticking off, and I still need to up it a little bit more if I want to start ticking these goals off.

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