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October 31, 2013

Paul Casey


Q.  What are your thoughts on a start like that?
PAUL CASEY:  I'm happy with 69.  3‑under is not bad.  It will be in touch with the leaders, by the end of the day, I expect guys to go pretty low out there.  Scoring is going to be good.  We had some rain overnight which softened up the golf course and makes the fairways play a little bit wider because of their receptiveness, and same with the greens.  Able to fire at the flags and the course is in wonderful condition, so guys are always going to go low.

Q.  Your playing partner said it suits long hitters and certainly gives plenty of opportunities?
PAUL CASEY:  It did.  He's a long hitter himself.  We had a group of long hitters, so I think, yeah, you've got to take advantage of the long drives out here.  And I've had some good form around here, maybe that's part of it, being able to open up the shoulders and give it a rip.
But it is a tight golf course.  You have to drive it pretty accurately, as well.  Plenty of water and plenty of trouble that you can get into if you're not careful.  Certainly a long tee shot will give you a big advantage over everybody else.

Q.  I know we've touched on this across the season but do you feel back where you belong, because you're in an elite field once again?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, you're going to keep saying I'm back‑‑

Q.  I am‑‑
PAUL CASEY:  Because I didn't go anywhere as far as I was concerned.  Form may have gone somewhere.
Yeah, good stuff, I said to some other guys beginning of the week that I was still hitting it very nicely.  Last week was a good performance the other side of the city.
Yeah, just got to keep on trucking and more of the same, and you know, to win a golf event, you've got to putt some sort of special stuff together.  Somewhere during the week, you've got to have a nice little rosey patch where you make a break out of the back.  But for the rest of it you just keep plodding away and that's what I did the first round.  More of the same and hopefully the nice rosey patch appears tomorrow.

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