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October 26, 2013

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:  A bit frustrated.  A day of treading water, really.  Nothing really went in the hole, simple as that.  A couple of spike marks on 1 and 18, seemed to start the day with an impossible day and ended it that way.  It is what it is.
I'm still in there.  I'm not that far behind.  I just have to, all the things I missed today, I have to make tomorrow, and hopefully post a good number and see what happens.

Q.  You're in a very nice position come what may.
PAUL CASEY:  Look at the scoring, nobody's‑‑ this is a golf course that's been very difficult to string a bunch of birdies together.
So far it's been just a grind and you're going to have to, with the field we've got, it seems nobody's jumped out in the last two days, really, thrown out a really good number, and to say I've got to go and throw a really good number out tomorrow when nobody has done it, it will be a challenge, but I'd like a challenge.

Q.  And it was still sticky out there, despite the fact that we are sunshine and less severe wind.
PAUL CASEY:  The course is in perfect shape.  It's absolutely wonderful; you can knock it down the fairways, they are pretty firm; the greens are sticky, throw it at the flag.  You know, the thing is, that swirling wind just makes it difficult.  And with the water out there, makes it difficult to really fire at a lot of these flags and difficult to get it close, which is hence why we haven't had anybody yet go low, so we'll see where they are at.
Mr.Eriksson has been generous with the pin locations tomorrow and if you can get fortunate and good numbers and the right breaks, you can throw a low one at Mr.Guthrie and see what happens.

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