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October 25, 2013

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:  It's been very tough the last two days in the wind.  These are not conditions that I expected or wanted.  But it makes a very good, difficult golf course even more so.  And I can't believe how quick they have kept these greens, even though it's been blowing extremely fast out there.
I don't know what the gusts are, 20, 25 miles an hour at times.  But it's a great test of golf, which is I guess what we want.  This is The Final Series for us in Europe.  It's meant to be difficult and it has been.

Q.  What's your take on The Final Series?
PAUL CASEY:  Big events, lots of money, fun for us.
Trying to figure out the whole points system, because there is a bonus pool for us and who is eligible for that has been a little bit confusing, as it seems with all find of final series around the world.  The players clearly just focus on playing golf and tend not to, we can't figure out points.  We can just about add up a scorecard sometime.
I just love these final four events.  Actually I didn't get to play Turkey last year, so I'm looking forward to going there for the first time.  I think this is a great way to end the season and it's a great reward for guys who have played great golf around the world, and I'm sure it will build into a wonderful climax into Dubai where we will have blazing sunshine and great crowds.
This event here in China, BMW, one of the best sponsors anywhere in the world, in the world of golf, so it's great to kick off with these guys here this week.

Q.  And you're kicking off in Perth, so you're nicely acclimatised to the time zones, has that helped?
PAUL CASEY:  I didn't play great golf last week.  I missed the cut.  It was all a bit‑‑ not my finest stuff.
But in some ways, it helped me get nice and sharp for coming in this week and because it was on the same time zone, even though it is probably nine hours and a plane to get up here, I'm fresh.  A lot of guys have been waking up wide awake at two or three in the morning and suffering with jet‑lag and that's not been me.  Maybe that's an advantage to be a little bit sharp and over the jet‑lag one week before everybody else.

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