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October 5, 2013

Paul Casey

Jamie Donaldson

David Lynn


Q.  That was terrific, wasn't it, such drama, such tension, you probably felt every moment.
DAVID LYNN:  Yeah, behind most of the days and managed to string a few birdies together at the end.  Obviously all culminating in a 6‑footer at the last to make the point.  We nudged ahead once, they came back and nudged ahead on the 18th.

Q.  And heart fluttering over that putt?
DAVID LYNN:  Yeah, it certainly gets your attention.  I hit it on a good line and it did break a little bit more than what I thought, but managed to grab the edge.

Q.  I'm sure you were so aware of just how important it was.
PAUL CASEY:  It's been so close all week; it could have gone either way.  It seems like we have been getting off to bad starts all week, and this session, looked like we were getting off to a good start and things went a bit pear‑shaped in the middle.  To be level, for Lynnie to make that putt on the last and to be level going into singles is massive.  He played great.  I played well.  I think we are looking forward to tomorrow‑‑ it's tough playing foursomes.
We struggled with rhythm, I'll be honest.  I hit a lot of tee shots that seemed like he was‑‑ I don't know what you were doing, but there was no real rhythm going on (laughing).  Looking forward to playing our own golf ball tomorrow and getting out there.
DAVID LYNN:  Just momentum is going our way now so hopefully we can carry that into tomorrow.

Q.  That's why you play this game, isn't it, this adrenaline and the drama of the situation?
PAUL CASEY:  It's a little bit like coming down the stretch in a tournament, maybe not sort of the final putt in a big, big tournament, but it's like‑‑ as he said, it grabs your attention, gets you going and the heart certainly gets up there and beats.  I love it.  I play golf to put yourself in that position and feel the excitement, feel alive.

Q.  All to play for; any desire of where you play in the singles?
DAVID LYNN:  No, wherever you play it's going to be a tough game, so you're going to have to bring your game with you.  All to play for, so you've just got to go out and do your best tomorrow.
PAUL CASEY:  Lynnie is sick.  He's been sick all week, I've been trying to avoid him; unfortunately we got paired together today but I would beware of the sick golfer.  I think he's going to play bloody brilliant tomorrow.  I think all the team are very much up for it.  It's the Empire Strikes Back.

Q.That was a terrific finale.  Talk us through it, it must have been great drama.
JAMIE DONALDSON:  It was, very important afternoon overall to pull quite a few matches back and get ourselves in level going into the singles.  Yeah, so very important afternoon, the guys rallied well.  We played well right at the end when we had to.  Holed a couple of good putts there to win our match, and you know, the more matches we can win, the better this afternoon.

Q.  Didn't work out in the morning, but in the afternoon, you timed that to perfection, didn't you?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  Yeah, it all sort of fell into place.  We played really well in the morning, a couple of errant shots made it difficult for us.  Should have had them dead and buried really but that wasn't the case and we didn't win.  It was then a case of going out in the afternoon and making up for the mishap in the morning.

Q.  How easy or difficult is it to gel in foursomes?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  It's tough to keep your rhythm, because you're not hitting that many shots.  You have to keep having lots of practice swings on tees to keep loose, because sometimes it might be quite a period of time where you've not hit a shot and stiffen up and hit a bad shot, or because you haven't hit that many shots; your rhythm is out.
It's very important to stay loose and keep hitting good shots.

Q.  I take it especially when it comes to the greens as well, you have not necessarily got a rhythm or the speed of the green.
JAMIE DONALDSON:  No, you haven't.  It's difficult, especially hard on the greens.  We played well, we rallied well and did well at the end which was enough to win our match.

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