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September 27, 2013

Michael Hoey


Q.  A round of 66 to go with yesterday's 68 at Carnoustie; how did your play compare on the two days?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Probably needed‑‑ I made five birdies in a row yesterday which is the most I've ever made in a row was four previously and that really got me going, because I was 1‑over at Carnoustie and I thought I needed to turn it around.
Hit a few good wedge shots and holed a couple of putts, and that really‑‑ it was looking borderline yesterday and from then I kicked on and holed a few putts and hit the ball pretty good.

Q.  Today you said you went around without a five, and that's just the first time, isn't it?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, my caddie said to me, no fives, probably the first time ever.  But perfect conditions.  I mean, links, absolutely no wind; everyone is tearing it apart.  But you still have to do it.  You still have to get the ball in the hole.

Q.  Do you get a warm glow when you come back here right from the moment you arrive because you've won this championship in the past.
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, great feelings.  Love the golf courses; Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, doesn't get any better and we've been lucky with the weather.  Playing partners are great fun.  Just trying to feed off the positivity.

Q.  Your only Top‑20 this year is a win; how do you explain that?
MICHAEL HOEY:  My stats are quite weird but I'm up‑and‑down, but I will get more consistency eventually.  I've got a good coach now, and a couple good coaches here helping me stay on track.  That's the plan.

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