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September 22, 2013

Jordan Spieth


Q.  What did you hit on 17?
JORDAN SPIETH:  9 iron.  I was in between clubs.  Had really good numbers the whole back nine.  It's tough because you've got to play for the adrenaline, which is another club.
So I had 156 or something front edge, which where I'm actually carrying that is 160, just right at the front edge at the middle of the green.  So it's 160 into a little breeze, which is typically just a good, solid high 8 iron to go 165 there.
The hole before, I hit an easy 8 iron, 176.  So I wasn't going to hit an 8 there.  And I needed to kill a 9, it's a 150 club, maybe a little more than 150 club.
I figured if I hit it solid with a big draw, it would be perfect, and I think it would have been, and I caught it a touch fat trying to kill it.  It's kind of tough trying to be right in between clubs.  But, yeah, unfortunate break to plug in the bunker too.

Q.  Do you get impressed with your own performance?  It certainly would seem like it would qualify ‑‑ [No microphone.]
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, it was nice to get that par on 18.  It was nice to get it in today, and I felt great once that first putt was hit.
But before that, I mean, before I had the tap‑in left, I was grinding hard and feeling pressure and feeling nerves.  That's what happens out here.
But once I had the tap‑in left, yeah, it felt really good on the 18th tee.  I mean, the roar that was going up on 16, 17, 18 there‑‑ well, really 16 and 18‑‑ was pretty awesome.  The fans were great this week.

Q.  How did you deal with that, the emotion, when you start birdieing like that and getting on a roll?
JORDAN SPIETH:  You just look the top of the leaderboard and still realize that you're four back.  He dropped to 12.  I thought he was at 13.  I really wasn't looking at the boards.  I figured he was up there a ways.  He still had 15 to play.  So that's an automatic birdie for him if he hits the fairway.
So I knew that I probably needed to birdie the last three holes after birdieing 14, 15‑‑ or 13, 14, 15.  So did what I could there, and unfortunately that shot happened on 17.
But all in all, just to keep it going, I was just looking up and seeing that I needed more instead of being satisfied with what had happened.

Q.  When you make the birdie on 16, the fist pump, did you have any idea that you were within one or two at that point?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I knew that I was in solo second, and I knew that I was actually a couple clear of solo third.  And I knew also I was only two back.
So I did know where I was, but on 17, by the time we get to the second shot, I didn't know exactly where the leaders are.  They're on 14 or 15, and I figured I'd probably be three back.
But, yeah, I mean, it was fortunate I had three dead straight birdie putts from four feet, two feet, and that one from about 10 or 12 on those‑‑ what was it‑‑ 14, 15, 16.  So that was nice.
13 was a slinger, but those three were dead straight.  So I was able to just hit them firm in the middle.

Q.  So when you turned professional a year ago, what did you think you could achieve in the game?  Has that changed now?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah.  The beginning of the year, my goal‑‑ yeah, I've said it a million times.  It was just to get on Tour next season.  It was just to get my 2014 PGA Tour card.
I thought that it would come through the Web.com Tour this year and the Web.com Playoffs.  And those couple weeks happen at Puerto Rico and Tampa that really changed my golf life.  To be able to play the PGA Tour this year, and then obviously the John Deere opened up.
I just had to readjust goals a couple different times this year and definitely exceeded any expectations I could have imagined starting the year.

Q.  The stages just keep getting bigger, and your performance is still there.
JORDAN SPIETH:  The biggest stage is coming in a week and a half here.  So I'm excited for it.

Q.  Does this‑‑ when you have this performance like you did today, do you think that carries you into the Presidents Cup?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah.  No, I think it definitely does.  I think it's going to be important tomorrow to maybe get a couple swings in when I get home.  I really want to keep everything kind of where it's at.
I'm not going to take two or three days off like I probably would have done.  If I wasn't playing Presidents Cup, I would have taken a week or two off with how much I've been playing, but I really want to keep everything where it's at.
I was working‑‑ I was really struggling with my swing the beginning of the week and even into the first two rounds, and I was putting great yesterday, struggling a little bit.  Today I really felt smooth, getting a little more around my body and not as upright, talking with my instructor, just trading texts throughout the week.
I need to keep that going into the next week, I think, and the best way to do that is to at least get some reps in the first couple of days before I start grinding again.

Q.  I know it's been kind of a whirlwind.  Do you ever stop to think about where you were at last year to everything you've accomplished?
JORDAN SPIETH:  No, I won't stop until the Presidents Cup.  There's no need to let everything sink in.  I've got to stay focused.
That's what I've been saying the last few weeks.  Start letting anything sink in about the year, it's maybe not as intense about the next tournament.  This next one's the most important one in my life, and I'm very, very excited to be joining Team USA.

Q.  What do you think that experience is going to be like?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I don't know.  I can only go off what other guys on the team are telling me.  Freddy's keeping it extremely relaxed.
We traded texts the last couple of days.  I just think it's going to be just a great time, getting to have a partner.  I don't know who it's going to be yet, but getting to have a partner that's the best player in the world where you can kind of feed off each other in the same round, I think, is going to be a neat experience with‑‑ especially with the home crowds.

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