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September 22, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  Kind of nice, whatever you finish in a tournament, one of your kids will run up to you and embrace you like it doesn't matter.
TIGER WOODS:  That's what life's all about.  There are more important things in life than hitting a little round ball and putting it in a gopher hole, you know.

Q.  Tiger, if Henrik wins, can a case be made for you to be player of the year?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, look at the fact that I had five wins this year.  So I think that's a pretty good year.

Q.  How satisfied are you this year?
TIGER WOODS:  Very satisfied.  I had a number of chances to win some tournaments.  I won five, which is, I think, a pretty good year.  I've done that a few times over the course of my career.  I wish I would have been a little more consistent in some of the events, but overall, at the end of the day, you know, to add to the win total for the year, it's always a good thing.

Q.¬† Is the consistency‑‑ I mean, you did have a few events where you were out of it.¬† Is that the thing that maybe would bother you the most about the year, or was it maybe not coming through in some other tournaments?
TIGER WOODS:¬† I think you're always looking to‑‑ well, at least I am.¬† I'm always looking to improve and become more consistent day in and day out.
There's certainly some weeks where I was just off.  I always wish I could play a little bit more consistent and have a chance each and every time I tee it up.  That's the intent.  Whether that happens or not, it doesn't always work out that way.
But overall at the end of the year, I think it's been a really good year.

Q.¬† Can you live with that, though?¬† That is sort of golf.¬† I mean, guys who have weeks where they just don't have‑‑ maybe we didn't see that as much out of you as times in your career, but still that is sort of what happens.¬† Can you live with that as long as you're contending and winning as much as you have?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I can live with the fact that I grind each and every day.  There are days where I just don't have it.  I don't have my game.  Game doesn't feel right.  Body doesn't feel right.  Things just don't work.  But I still grind it out and post some numbers.
There are events and there are days where I just don't have it, but I turn it around that one day, and I'm able to win the golf tournament.  So that's something I'm very proud of is that there were days where I just didn't quite have it, but I grinded it out and pieced together a round which kept me in tournaments.
Over the course of my career, I've won many a tournaments just because of that.

Q.¬† You have more years of multi‑wins and no Major wins.
TIGER WOODS:  I want to do both.

Q.  Do you have a plan for the rest of this year going forward?
TIGER WOODS:¬† That will start after the Presidents Cup.¬† Yeah, we're going to take the week off and kind of recoup and recover, get ready for the Presidents Cup, and then basically assess the year and what we need to work on in the off‑season.
I've got a couple of tournaments that I'm playing in that I could try and make some improvements, try and work on some things for next year.

Q.¬† Tiger, taking you back to, let's say, '07, that little run you went on after the British through to when you had your surgery‑‑ I think it was 14 events where, I think, you finished fifth once, and you were first or second every other time.¬† What is the difference, when you look back on it, does that even amaze you that that's even possible?
TIGER WOODS:  I made everything.  There was a stretch there where I just made everything.  And just like 2000.  I made everything that year.
That particular year, I finished, what, first in greens and second in putting.  That's a pretty good combo.

Q.  That's the difference, the putting?  The putts go in?
TIGER WOODS:¬† You have stretches where‑‑ look at all the guys who have been ranked No.1 in the world.¬† You have stretches where six months, eight months, whatever it is, maybe sometimes a full year where you make a ton of putts.
And I had one of those stretches at that time.
Look when Luke got to No.1 in the world, he never missed a putt, seemed like inside ten feet, for like six months.  And that's what Rory did when he went on his run.
We have stretches like that, and you've just got to capitalize on that.

Q.  Tiger, looking ahead to the Presidents Cup, how important is it for the future of the event that the international team steps up this time?
TIGER WOODS:  It's not, not to us.  We're playing against them.  We like the way it's gone, and we'd like to keep it going that way.

Q.¬† Are you concerned about the status of the event if it remains one‑sided?
TIGER WOODS:  We like it just the way it's at.

Q.  Tiger, we know you like playing with Steve.  Any more thoughts about potential partners for you in Presidents Cup?
TIGER WOODS:¬† Yeah, we've got a few.¬† Freddy and I‑‑ well, Freddy's been blowing up my phone with some options and what he thinks for some of the pairings.¬† We've got some options going into it.
We're going to get together with Jay and Davis and figure things out, what we need to do.¬† I mean, it's different‑‑ you know, a Ryder Cup and a Presidents Cup.¬† You just know that you have to play all four days, and things are handled differently in a Ryder Cup and a Presidents Cup because of that, where you don't have to sit as many guys.¬† If guys are playing, they just play and keep on playing well and just keep going.

Q.  Tiger, there was a concern way back at the Presidents Cup where the American players wouldn't want to do this every year, and that's not really been the case.  Why do you think that is?  Why do you think it's embraced every year?  You guys have to play in a team thing like this every year.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, we do play in this each and every year.  I think Phil has done it 19, 20 years, whatever it is, in a row now.  I've been up there for about 17.  Jim just missed his for the first time in, I think, 17 years.
We've done this a long time.  You always want to be a part of these teams.  For the Americans, we do it each and every year.  Still being with the guys and getting together with the guys and playing as a team and playing for your country and for one another, it's a lot of fun.
We never‑‑ as players, we never want to miss these teams.¬† They are fun.¬† Sometimes we've got to travel a little bit and then play, and we've been to Australia, South Africa.¬† I think the next one's in Korea.¬† So we've traveled a bit, but still if you get a good group of guys, a lot of needling and a lot of good times.

Q.  Tiger, if Henrik pulls it off today, what do you make of his play since the summer?
TIGER WOODS:  He's played incredible.  From basically the British Open on, he's basically put it together, and he's played so consistently, while at a high level.
He's hit it great, made his share of putts, but he's just been so consistent day in and day out.  It's good to see.
He's a good guy.  We all like him.  It's good to see.
Thanks, guys.

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