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September 20, 2013

Tiger Woods


Q.  Played well at first, Tiger, and then kind of lost it at the end.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I did.  I put everything I had into that start and didn't have much at the end.  Just ran out of gas.

Q.  What was the level of decisions on 14, left or right.  What were you thinking about?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I couldn't‑‑ from that lie, there's a‑‑ like a bark or whatever you want to call it right behind my ball.  I couldn't get it where I wasn't going to start that ball.  If I was going to go to the right, I couldn't curve it, and I couldn't hold it in the fairway if I went to the right on a pitch out.
So I thought I could hit a hard enough cut where I could get it in the front bunker on the left lane going get up and down.  I thought I had enough of a lie where I could do that.  It just didn't come out.

Q.  [ No microphone.]
TIGER WOODS:  Kind of mulchy type.

Q.  Take the wind out there, would you have gotten 5 under in your round going to that hole?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I had it where‑‑ I overshoot the shot, tee shot, but then I hit the tree and kicked further left into it.  If it wasn't‑‑ if it didn't kick further left, I would have been fine.  It wasn't that bad of a play.
And then from there, it just got worse on the hole as it went on, and I ended up making 6.

Q.  Finally a relief to get that first bird on No.3?
TIGER WOODS:  The funny thing is I thought I missed it high, and then grain just absolutely smoked it at the end, and I almost missed it low.  Ended up going in.  Duff had the same thing.  He thought he missed his high, and the green killed it, and he stuck his on the low side.
It was finally nice to make a birdie in‑‑ what was that, 21 holes?

Q.  Yesterday, obviously, you weren't very happy, but 34 putts is unusual for you.  What was the problem?
TIGER WOODS:  I missed everything on the high side.  The greens just weren't‑‑ they were much slower than what I thought they would be, and I missed every putt on the high side, except for the putt at the 1st hole.  I ended up pulling that putt left.  Missed one on the low side.
But every other putt, I overread.  Today I just‑‑ they were quicker starting out, and I took that into account and tried to make sure they got on the lower lines.  I didn't give it as much‑‑ I didn't give as much credit to the green as I did yesterday, and it ended up working.  I made some putts.

Q.  What would you sayabout how you are feeling at this point in the season?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm tired.

Q.  Physically?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, definitely.

Q.  Is the back okay, everything else?
TIGER WOODS:  It's been just a long, long grind.

Q.  I know there's no finish line in this sport, but in terms of the Presidents Cup being one of the finish lines, have you ever looked forward to that as much as you have right now?
TIGER WOODS:  Duff and I were talking about it.  We're all looking forward to that week off.  Everyone out here has got some knick‑knack injuries, and guys are taped up and banged up a little bit.
So we're all looking forward to‑‑ well, the American guys and the international guys are looking forward to that week off.  Some of the European guys, they've got their race to Dubai they've got to get ready for as well.

Q.  What did you do going down the future with this schedule?  It is what it is?

Q.  Shorter season, but is it too much?
TIGER WOODS:  It is going to be a lot.  Next year is going to be an awful lot in a condensed period of time.  16, and we've got to put Rio in there as well.  So that's going to be a lot.

Q.  Do you have any recommendations to fix it, or is it changeable?
TIGER WOODS:  The next two years are set in stone.  We got to‑‑ whatever it is, we've got to play it.  We've got two more rounds of stroke play before we get to our team format, and hopefully the next couple of days I can shoot some good rounds.
Tomorrow doesn't look very good that we're going to finish tomorrow.  Hopefully, we don't go into Monday.

Q.  Are you thinking of playing a Steve Stricker‑type schedule?
TIGER WOODS:  I normally do.

Q.  Have you ever been worn out this much after a season?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I have.  You know, it‑‑ it is what it is, you know.  We play a lot of golf from the British Open on, and I've‑‑ some of the‑‑ it helps that some of the years where I have gotten worn out is when I've been in contention a lot.  Four rounds being in contention‑‑ unfortunately, I've only had a couple of tournaments there where I've been right in the hunt at Barclays and ended up winning it at Firestone.

Q.  When you've got a shot on 17 you know you can't hit it left, you box, everybody does that.  Do you attribute that to just mentally not being as sharp as you need to be?
TIGER WOODS:  No, my legs were just tired.  I didn't rotate through the ball, and I turned it over.  Same thing I did over on‑‑ what was it, 14?  Same shot.

Q.  Between today and yesterday, do you feel you hit it far enough?  You didn't make any putts yesterday.
TIGER WOODS:  I hit it better yesterday, and I made obviously nothing.  Today didn't hit it quite as good, even through the stretch where I was‑‑ what was it, 4 under par for the day, 5 under?  So even through that stretch, I didn't hit it as good as I did yesterday, but I made some putts.
That's the name of the game.  You've got to make putts.

Q.  Tiger, depending on what Stenson does, are you still in contention or you're physically‑‑
TIGER WOODS:  No, I'm still in contention.  There's 36 holes.  That's why we play.  That's why we play four rounds.  This is not a sprint.  It's tournament golf.  It's four rounds.  It's a marathon.  You've got to keep plugging around.

Q.  Is Jordan on your short list of guys to play with in the Presidents Cup?
TIGER WOODS:  I think he's on everyone's short list.  He's always fun to play with.

Q.  His emotions?
TIGER WOODS:  His emotions run very high and very low.
All right, guys.  See you.

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