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September 13, 2013

Kevin Streelman


Q. ¬†1‑under par‑70 in round 2.¬† Very tough out there?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, that wind got difficult.  The greens are getting firm and fast, and you've got some gusts up there that you couldn't control it.  It really got me on No.11 there.  I hung in there and made some nice birdies to finish up.

Q.  What was the steadiest part of your game, at least the last couple days here?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I'm driving it great, getting into the fairways out here, and hitting some really nice punch shots, controlled shots around, and really rolling the ball well.  Like I said, it was a pretty solid round except for one little gust and it came back in the water and I made a double, but besides that I feel really good.

Q.  You picked up your first PGA TOUR win this year in Tampa.  Seems like you've been on a lot of leaderboards since.
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† Well, this is my sixth year out here.¬† I said it's about time.¬† Just kind of feel comfortable, especially in this city, my favorite city in the world, growing up here.¬† I love the people and the food, and I might go to my old high school football game tonight, and they're playing their arch rival.¬† I've got nothing to lose knowing I'm in next week, and just going to go free‑wing it and see what happens.

Q.  Were you thinking of playing it on the rocks there, or what were your thoughts?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Honestly, not really.  There was a corner of the ball that was sitting against solid rock, and that thing could have gone anywhere if I would have tried to hit it, so let's take our medicine and make double, and it's fine.

Q.  It paid off the next one.
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† Yeah, I hit a really poor wedge there but made a great up‑and‑down.¬† No harm, no foul.

Q.¬† Wheaton Warrenville South‑‑
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Against Wheaton North tonight at Wheaton South, so I'm going to go need to watch the first half and see some buddies.

Q.¬† Are you scoreboard watching at all?¬† When you see Jim Furyk climbing, climbing, climbing, you're tied for third and he's gone from 1‑over to maybe a 57, 58 today, can you‑‑
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Honestly I had no idea he was doing that, so not really.

Q.  Did you see a 57 out there based on what you played?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  No, no chance.  Is he really going to shoot a 57?

Q.¬† Well, he's 11‑under with five to play.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  So he's at 60.  When you get that number in your mind you start thinking a little bit.  If he does it, great, but it's just so demanding when the wind is like that.  He's obviously making every putt he's looking at today.  That's the only way you can shoot that kind of score.
The greens are beautiful, the course is in great shape, and I think tomorrow the wind is going to be a little calmer and it's going to be a little warmer.¬† I think tomorrow will be a birdie‑fest out here.¬† It should be fun for the fans.

Q.  Was the wind similar today to what it was yesterday?
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† Yeah, it was the same north wind.¬† The cold front came in, shot it out of the north.¬† Tomorrow it's going to be a little warmer and mid 70s and coming back from the south, it'll turn the wind completely the opposite direction and will turn some of the par‑5s that were playing super short into the wind but also play some of the par‑4s that were playing extremely difficult a little bit easier.

Q.  You're still making the Urlacher commute?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, I am staying at Urlacher's.  It's awesome.  It's really close.  He's got a nice arcade room, so we go back and screw around and play video games later.

Q.  Will you stay there throughout the tournament?
KEVIN STREELMAN:¬† Yeah, I got in Sunday there and just staying there until‑‑ I'll leave Monday morning for Atlanta.

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