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September 12, 2013

Kevin Streelman


KEVIN STREELMAN:  That felt great.  Good roar from all my friends and family out here, and it's just fun to be home and have a free run at this thing.

Q.  Talk a little bit about the birdies.  Where did you find eight birdies on this difficult windy day?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Good putter.  You know, hit the‑‑ hit some really nice shots and hit some greens and just converted inside 15 feet.  The greens are beautiful out here.  They did a great job, and just one of those days where the putter felt great, so hopefully I can keep it up for three more.

Q.  Always fun to play well in front of family and friends, isn't it?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, it's awesome.  Great support, going to all my old restaurants I used to go to and staying at Brian Urlacher's right across the street here, so having fun with that.  Just really relaxing and fun week.

Q.  Also fun to shoot 5‑under?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, yeah, it's a good start.

Q.  You're staying at Brian Urlacher's?

Q.  How long have you known Brian Urlacher?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  A few‑‑ two, two and a half years now.  We've got some mutual friends.  He lives out in Arizona in his off‑season, so we play some golf and just kind of have some mutual friends and gotten to know each other, and he was gracious enough to let me stay with him this week, and it's awesome.  It's very close and very easy to get here.  It's making for a nice, relaxing week.

Q.  You've been here, probably one of the few guys that have played here before.  We're seeing low scores, then there's guys who are really struggling and you see some big numbers.  Is it just one of those never been here‑‑
KEVIN STREELMAN:  There's just a few spots you can't hit it, and I'm sure they hit it in those spots.  A couple fescue areas and some water hazards.  There's just a couple holes out there that can really bite you if you hit it in the wrong spot.  The same holes you hit them in the right spot you can attack and make birdies.
You can see it, when it starts blowing over 20 over here, it gets a little finicky.

Q.  If you're hitting it where you want to in the fairways and greens, the wind is all that's going to keep you from going real low?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, well, the greens are so great.  There's a decent amount of wedges for us, and it's just when the greens are good and relatively soft with relatively good‑sized fairways, PGA TOUR guys are going to make some birdies.  For me it's just awesome to be here in Chicago.  I love being home and love seeing everybody.

Q.  I know this was a big goal of yours, even when we talked before you won.  I know we've got three rounds left, but to get here, to reach that goal, I would imagine it feels good?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, it is.  I got off to such a great start early in the season, I was in the top 5 FedEx for most of the first half of the season, so that kind of rearranged my goals there for a while.  But I'm not taking for granted being here, and I'm so fortunate and blessed to be able to have kind of a free run this week.  I've got nothing to lose.  I know I'm in next week, and it's just attack.

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