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August 9, 2013

Sonny Skinner


Q.  I guess obviously not the greatest week, but you got to play in another major championship, so how would you describe your rounds or your week?
SONNY SKINNER:  You know, just being here is a tremendous accomplishment, especially for a 53‑year‑old that qualified through the club pro ranks.  Very appreciative to the PGA of America.
You know, I had envisioned playing better than this.  I know I can play better than this.  I thought I was a straight hitter, but I didn't hit it very straight this week.  I didn't hit enough greens.
It was a pleasure to be here.  I played with two wonderfully talented young men.  They were gentlemen.  The atmosphere of it all is so rewarding.  I just wish that I had these experiences when I was younger.

Q.  Big crowds both yesterday and today.  That had to have been fun to play in?
SONNY SKINNER:  It's distracting for an older brain.  It is distracting.  I catch myself daydreaming just standing there looking over a sea of people and listening to the roars go up, I'm saying, Was that Mickelson?  Was that Scott?  Who was that?
All of a sudden, I haven't even gotten my yardage.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think I would be a good reporter, just keeping up with everything.  I have no regrets.  I brought a good friend up here to caddie for me.  I stayed with some friends.  I even had some members from my club come up and watch me play.  All of that is extremely rewarding.

Q.  You finished on 9, right?
SONNY SKINNER:  I did.  I finished with a birdie.  I hit a beautiful drive down there and 24‑degree utility to about eight feet right over the bunker.  I went for it, too.  Normally in that situation I might bail out.  Anyway, I stiffed it and ‑‑ I didn't really stiff it.  Eight feet, but made the putt.  Felt like a made the cut.

Q.  Good way to end?
SONNY SKINNER:  It was a wonderful way to end.  I tried hard on every shot.  I tried to give myself, put myself in the right mental frame of mind as best I could.  My game just wasn't there, just wasn't there.

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