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July 21, 2013

Paula Creamer


Q.  I know you were hoping for a victory, but you played well all week.  What do you take out of this performance this week?
Paula Creamer:  You know, I did.  I played great.  I can't be too upset with myself.  Obviously there are moments out there where you wish you could have done something.
I really can't take too many shots today that I thought I would I would go and replay.  I mean, obviously maybe the putt on 17 and the tee shot on 18.
But I gave it all I had.  That's for sure.  I was positive after every shot.  She beat me by one.  She played well.

Q.  What was the back and forth experience like for you two?
PAULA CREAMER:  I never really looked at the leaderboard.  I knew there were a lot of girls that could go low, but if I stayed right in front or right around Beatriz I knew that someone would have to play really good.
But it was good golf.  There was a lot of great shots.  It was exciting down the stretch.  That's what I want.
Honestly, I had so much fun out there.  It was great to be in contention, making big shots, making some big putts at the right time.

Q.  Talk about 14.  That was the pivotal hole, as it turned out.
Paula Creamer:  The par‑3?

Q.  Yeah.
PAULA CREAMER:  I actually think 17 was the pivotal one.  If I made birdie there it would have been a little bit different story.
I hit a great shot into that hole.  I just had a ridiculously hard putt for birdie.
You know, she left herself right below the hole.  You know, that happens.  It's just a matter of when you can make your putts and when you get a little lucky here and there.

Q.  Do you believe that this makes you stronger as a golfer?
PAULA CREAMER:  Of course.  Like I said, I've learned a lot.  This was great for me, my confidence.  I definitely had a great attitude the whole week.  I was just very calm and started to make more putts and give myself as many opportunities as I could.
Most importantly I fought as hard as I possibly could, and that was a confidence booster.

Q.  The crowd was so behind you this week.

Q.  When she made the winning putt it kind of seemed like a measured applause.  Could you kind of sense the deflation?
PAULA CREAMER:  I love this area.  I've been so lucky to have so many great fans everywhere we go, but I think this might be the top 5 of the most pink that I've ever seen out on a golf course.  This was my ninth year, so that's telling you a lot.
I tried as hard as I could for everybody, but it was a little bit silent when she made that putt.  But she deserved it.

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