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July 20, 2013

Chris Chandler

Jeremy Roenick


THE MODERATOR:  Tied for second place, one point out with 46.  Jeremy, you're in a hurry, tell us about your round and go through it.
JEREMY ROENICK:  My round was pretty interesting.  I came out, hit a great drive on 1.  Put it in the bunker and put it into a footprint in the bunker and made bogey on 1.
And I've learned from playing with a lot of guys like playing with Chris and playing with other guys, I have a hot head.  I'm a very hot‑headed player.
JEREMY ROENICK: Usually I would have had a conniption on the first hole.  But I made bogey and settled it down and I made four birdies and I bogeyed 18.  So it was a big sandwich.
CHRIS CHANDLER:  Does that have anything to do with the stripes matching your hat?
JEREMY ROENICK:  My wife dressed me.  My wife dressed me.  And I made sure that I had fun.  I made sure that the people out there had fun with me.  But still continue to stay poised.
I'm not a poised golfer.  I'm a hot‑headed golfer.  And it's a little bit different for me in this situation.

Q.  Looked like you were having a little bit of fun out on 17.  You almost took a pine tree out‑‑
JEREMY ROENICK:  Embarrassing missed the first pass, great pass from John.  I told him from the first tee box there's going to be a pass coming on 17.  Make sure you put it in my wheelhouse.  He did it and I dropped it.  It was so embarrassing.  I said let's do it again.
I put it in the sand.  As soon as I caught it, I did the barrel rollover one of the bushes.  It was a touchdown.
CHRIS CHANDLER:  Wish I had seen that.
JEREMY ROENICK:  It was only the second down.

Q.  Chris, tell us about your round today.  Looked like you had five birdies, four bogeys?
CHRIS CHANDLER:  Something around there.  A lot like yesterday I got off to a fast start.  Both yesterday and today I kind of fell asleep in that 6 to 8 area a little bit.
And just kind of held on for a while, and then played real solid coming in.  Hit what I thought was a perfect little lob wedge on 18 that hit, bounced in the bunker, plugged and made a nice bogey putt to play with Jeremy.
And I feel really lucky, because three of my favorite guys out here, Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien and Jeremy I've got to play those three guys every day.
JEREMY ROENICK:  I have to agree with him.
CHRIS CHANDLER:  You never know who you're going to play with, but the fact that I've got three of my all‑time favorites, it's been a phenomenal week just because of that.

Q.  Jeremy, some of the quarterbacks have been in here talking about how they're the best athletes.  Comments.
JEREMY ROENICK:  We're not going to go to blows, that's for sure.  But I am going to reiterate what Chris said, because I've been out here 20 years.  And you make really good friends over the course of the years.
And you watch certain people.  Chris is a past champion.  So you see him at a level in golf which this is not‑‑
CHRIS CHANDLER:  Which really doesn't mean anything.
JEREMY ROENICK:  It does mean something, because this is a football player that won a big tournament in golf.  It's a different element.  So I see this.  It's like I want to be there.  So tomorrow I get the chance to play with one of my best buddies.
CHRIS CHANDLER:  I will keep you from being a hot head.  I'm going to have your card tomorrow.
JEREMY ROENICK:  I'm going to keep you from winning so it's all good (laughter).
CHRIS CHANDLER:  There's a lot of love here.

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