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July 12, 2013

Kevin Streelman


Q. Your numbers are just off the charts as far as accuracy, how you've hit 14 of 14 fairways in the second round, 31 of 36 greens in the first two rounds.  That's a really nice combination.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah.  It was nice to be home for two weeks and kind of get away from the game and kind of get back to what got me off to my hot start and was able to kind of reset some things, and game feels good.

Q.  You played well after your win in Tampa Bay, then went through a little rough patch for about a month.  What did the reset include?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I think just a rest.  Really needed to reevaluate my goals because I kind of achieved all my goals that I wanted to pretty quickly, to get in the top 50 in the world and to get my win.  I said, all right, man, let's try and do it again and try and get in the top 20 in the world, and I kind of needed to refocus some of my energy.  It was good to take a little break and get my mind around it.

Q.  Talk about your accuracy.  You've always been long off the tee but you're averaging something like 311 off the tee.  Are you patient enough with the putter this week?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, yeah, I spent a few days with Kevin Weeks in Chicago and got up in his putting studio and we tightened some things up, and actually took one of his putters right off his wall and put it in play this week.  It's where we need to be, and I said 5‑under every round average will give us a chance at the end on Sunday.

Q.  I think 20‑under is going to be a very comfortable number for you.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, 20‑under it's probably going to need to be.

Q.  Back‑to‑back rounds of 66 to get things going.  How complete of a start has this been for you for the first two days?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  It's been nice.  That's kind of what I was shooting for.  I really wanted to try and average about 5‑under each round.  I knew you have to get to at least 20 this week, great weather, good soft greens, and decently wide fairways, you're going to have to attack.

Q.  You got the win earlier in the year in Florida, then a good stretch throughout the spring but you missed four straight cuts.  What's changed and what happened to get you back to this form?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I think I was a little bit tired.  I was a little bit I'd say uncomfortable in a way.  I was always kind of an underdog guy, and then all of a sudden I showed up at Colonial and I was like the favorite, which I'd never had before, so that took I think some mental adjustment, so it was good to get home for two weeks, put the clubs down and really kind of rest and just kind of get my mind right to come back and do the things that I was doing earlier in the year.

Q.  What does a start like this do with regards to you readjusting and refocusing on the basics?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Well, this week was a big preparation for next week, as well.  It's obviously great to get here, and it's only two hours from where I grew up.  Great fan base and friends and family are all here.  I've got a 2‑iron in play I'm planning on using it next week, and I was kind of using it for prep week, but I'm right where I want to be, trying to win a golf tournament.

Q.  Pretty steady, pretty consistent.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, just hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens.  It's always nice to get out in the morning when the wind is down a little and the greens are nice and smooth.  Just kind of kept the ball in front of me and made some putts and haven't made too many mistakes yet.

Q.  How different did things play from yesterday?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Just a touch less wind, and the greens are always better in the morning.  But very similar.  The greens are receptive to good shots, and fairways are starting to run a little.  Just a very fun golf course, a great gallery to play in front of.

Q.  Do you think you've positioned yourself pretty well?  I know the afternoon guys still have to play but do you like where you're sitting?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, I kind of thought at the beginning of the week 20 would be the number.  If someone gets crazy and runs away with it, then whatever, but I was kind of thinking 5 a round on average and kind of see what happens from there.  Got two of them down, and got to get 5, 6, 7 the next two days.

Q.  You were talking yesterday a little bit about the plan you came up with some time ago with your coach and your caddie.  Is it nice to see when you can use that plan and it works, not just for one round but you're able to put it together back‑to‑back days?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Well, yeah, it's really a life plan to be honest, how I'm working out at home, how I'm spending my off time and how I'm working smartly at the golf course, not really grinding searching for new golf clubs or searching for new swing thoughts or anything.  It's just the same stuff day‑to‑day.  If I told you about it, it would be pretty boring, but I think that's what works.

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