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July 4, 2013

Michael Hoey


Q.  Your thoughts on shooting 2‑under par around here?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, it's a tough golf course.  Played really well.  I got off to a really good start, perfect, 2‑under after two.  Didn't really capitalise on the next par 5, but it was a tough pin position on 16.  Hit it on the green and had a really difficult 2‑putt, so I 3‑putted that.  But the guys in front were struggling on the last hole.  So really good birdie on 17.
Tough drive, 4‑iron, and two good shots on 18.  Never an easy hole on 18.  You're glad to see dry hand.  I had a great chance for birdie but didn't hit a great putt.  It's a tough golf course and I'm hitting the ball well.

Q.  Elaborate on what makes it tough; I'm sure there are so many elements.
MICHAEL HOEY:  I think greens are very firm this year, so that unless you're landing the front of the green on the right trajectory, it's just going to go over the back, and you've basically got tough chip shots because the greens are firm.  So you've got to be on the green, otherwise a chip is difficult, and then downwind is hard to hold.

Q.  When you're on your game, the kind of course that you like, the fairways and greens like this?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, I shot 6‑under I think a few years ago to finish Top‑10, but yeah, I'm just enjoying my golf at the moment.  Started hitting the ball quite well last week, and just keep hitting the ball pretty straight is always good.

Q.  And you can see the progression in your game?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, definitely.  Had four weeks off.  We had a baby and I've been working a little bit on my game, hitting it a lot straighter.  I struggled last year and just pleased to be on the fairway most of the time.

Q.  I know we touched on this last week, but have you changed, as a result of fatherhood?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, just a little bit more chilled out and realise that golf is not everything, and you play probably play better as a result.

Q.  So what are the expectations this week, and you've shot a good score to start.
MICHAEL HOEY:  It's such a difficult golf course.  Things can get away from you quite quickly, so, you know, boring, one‑shot‑at‑a‑time is the usual expectation.  I'm just going to try to stay aggressive.  Good tournament again next week but just be nice to build on this week and to build on next week.

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