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June 29, 2013

Paul Casey


Q.  Tell us what the secret to that was?
PAUL CASEY:  Putting, same story.  I made a couple errors out there, a couple of wet sort of flyers, which is my own fault, misjudged them and every time I made a mistake I seemed to clean it up with a wonderful putt.
That's the thing I've been working on very, very hard, put a new putter in this week, still a Nike putter but a slight tweak on what I've usually been using.  Yesterday it didn't work and today it did, and that's the reason I'm shooting up the leaderboard.

Q.  Give us a sense how the back nine is playing today compared to the other days?
PAUL CASEY:  Slightly tricky.  There's a lot of holes that you can take advantage of out there.  Obviously we have a drivable par 4 and a couple of par 5, which you can reach.
But, it's a slightly‑‑ the wind, when I played it, it was more out of the south than the west, which is different, different wind angle, tricky pin positions, and certainly a left‑hand pin position on 15 and a back pin position on 18 which we have not seen yet this week.
Made it a little trickier so brings some danger into play a bit more.  Still places where you can pick up a lot of shots if you're striking the ball well and putting well.

Q.  I imagine you're excited about this.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, really excited, fantastic, that was a wonderful rounds of golf today.  The key has been the putting, and I've said the last few weeks when you've asked me the same question again and again, it's been the putting, and today was an example.
When I make putts, I'm going to shoot good rounds of golf.¬† The ball‑striking's there.¬† And I made a couple of mistakes today but I cleaned them up nicely and took advantage of the holes that you need to take advantage of, the par 5s, and the drivable par 4.
So, ecstatic moving up the leaderboard, and it's giving myself a chance.  We'll see how the leaders fare this afternoon because there's a lot of birdies out there but hopefully I'm in touch at the end of the day.

Q.  I've tended to ask those questions time and time again on the first or the second days, not necessarily on the third into the final, but you do have more of a chance this time around?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, and this is a golf course I like.  I haven't had success around here.  I had near success around here, I would say 2006 when we were last year, I think it was, when Thomas Björn won.  Myself and Darren Clarke feel like we should have won that tournament, and Thomas knows that.  We've given him some grief about it.
I know I can play well around here, but I feel I have a chance to win this week and it might take something very low tomorrow, but keep playing the way I'm playing, there's no reason why I can't throw in a low number.

Q.  And very low is possible on this course, despite the weather we've had across the whole of the week and today wasn't easy by any means.
PAUL CASEY:  It wasn't easy, but this golf course, it's been a little fairer this week than we were last here, more generous off the tee for sure.  But it's set up beautifully.  They have done a wonderful job.
Considering I heard it was only closed for a week before we turned up, lies have been wonderful, greens have been superb.  It's a wonderful setting to play golf in, and I'm enjoying it and the crowds are enjoying it, even though we have got lots of sporting events going on around the world, they have turned up in droves so hopefully they can turn up tomorrow and see some great golf.

Q.  Other sporting events, including the Lions and you are wearing the colours.
PAUL CASEY:¬† I was wearing my Lions red.¬† I had the privilege of playing with three Lions at the Pro‑Am at Wentworth, and one of them, Will Greenwood, said it would be 2‑1, the final result.¬† I hope he's right.¬† I've heard about it.¬† I'm going to go now and watch the highlights.¬† But I will be glued to the TV on Saturday next week.

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