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June 28, 2013

Angela Stanford


Q.  It looked to everyone else like the course is playing harder today.  How did you manage a 68?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I have no idea.  I knew going in this morning it was going to be tougher.  I think yesterday was probably the easiest day that the USGA and the golf course is going to give us.  I knew this morning it was going to be tough.  It's probably just going to be get tougher.

Q.  What was the biggest difference from yesterday to today as far as pin placement or wind, whatever?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I think more wind today.  I think it was probably blow ago touch harder.  The greens I thought were still pretty quick.  I thought they were kind of slow yesterday just because you expect them to come off the ridges and they really we weren't yesterday in certain spots.
So I thought today they were a little bit faster.  I don't know if that's wind or if they sped them up.  I don't know.

Q.  Did you surprise yourself a little with a 68?

Q.  What's a good score today?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I think if you can get it under par it's good today.  There are some tricky pin placements.  I like to call them sucker pins.  They look like they would be good to go at but they are not.  If the wind keeps doing this anything under par would be good.

Q.  What would be an example of a sucker pin today?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I thought 4 was; it's kind of tucked on the left front.

Q.  You started off with those two birdies then you came back strong on the back nine.  Take us through that.
ANGELA STANFORD:  Well, I learned a quick lesson from yesterday.  You know, I left here upset last night because I kind of‑‑ I lost it mentally when I missed the short birdie putt on 18 to turn, then I doubled 1 and bogeyed 2.
I was extremely impatient and just really upset when I left last night.  Then that happened on 5 and 6, I just kind of told myself don't do this again.  Pull it together and get a par and let's start again.

Q.  Does this course require patience maybe more so than most?
ANGELA STANFORD:  Yeah, and people like to say I'm not very patient.  So happy to be standing here.

Q.  You played a lot of Opens and you know that and yet you still have to relearn that lesson, if you will?
ANGELA STANFORD:  Because I'm not patient.  But you know, at least I'm learning.  I recognized yesterday that it was the easiest as the course is going to play.  I think that was part of the reason I was upset when I left.  I feel like I missed out on an opportunity.  Just makes it harder the rest of the week.

Q.  You had two really good finishes obviously ten years ago and then 4th a couple years ago.  Do you still feel you have the ability to win this U.S. Open?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I like to think so, yeah.  But the longer I do this, the more there is an element of luck that plays into it.  And I've seen a little bit so far.  That doesn't mean I'm going to be lucky the next couple of days.  But a couple of those putts that went in on the back, if they hadn't have hit the hole, I would have had 5 or 6feet coming back.  A bounce here, a bounce there, there is an element of luck.

Q.  After you thought the course played easy yesterday, you were at 1‑over, how much did you have to convince yourself that you were still in it?
ANGELA STANFORD:  Well, I'm very thankful for friends and family.  They tend to believe in you sometimes when maybe you lack a little.  So just talking to friends and family, they kind of kick you in the butt a little bit and‑‑

Q.  Are they here with you this week?
ANGELA STANFORD:  My mom is here.  Mom is here and just talking on the phone.

Q.  When you are not a patient person by natural personality, what are the things you do to calm yourself down or slow down a little bit?
ANGELA STANFORD:  My poor caddie takes the brunt of it.  He hears a lot of the negativity.  And so when you see him walking way out in front of me, it's probably because I'm just letting it go verbally and he doesn't want to hear it anymore.

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