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June 2, 2013

Kyle Stanley


KYLE STANLEY:  It played pretty solid.  He was tough to catch today shooting 68.
But I like where my game is at.  I'm working hard.  And it's kind of come into form the last couple of months.  I've been playing better and I'm happy about that.

Q.  Did you have a number coming in?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† No, I don't really do that.¬† I don't really do that.¬† I knew‑‑ yeah, I didn't really pick a number.

Q.  What's the strategy when you've got a chase like that, do you get a little more aggressive?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† I just think probably‑‑ you keep the ball in front of you.¬† Got off to a pretty good start, 3‑under.
But, yeah, if you need to make some birdies coming in, you've got to do that.  You're not really, really in contention until there's probably four or five holes left to play.  You kind of see where you are at that point and just kind of make a judgment based on that.

Q.  You're in The Open qualifier tomorrow here?

Q.  Just the mindset, having to go right back at it for 36 holes tomorrow?
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, I'll be ready to go home.  It will be a long day.  I'm not sure what the World Ranking cutoff is, but I might sneak in there.  I think it's top 60.  And hopefully I won't have to do that because mentally I'm pretty drained right now.

Q.  What do you get out of this, the fact that you made a charge, played well?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, I mean I think it just tells me that I'm doing the right things, working on the right things.¬† I've been working really hard, especially on my putting.¬† And I would have shot a million this week, if I didn't make putts.¬† So I'm really happy about that.¬† I'm just excited about‑‑ really excited about golf again.

Q.  Are you more drained than your normally would be?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, of course.¬† You take the conditions of the course and this is six out of seven weeks for me.¬† And being in contention, it's‑‑ there wasn't a lot of time to really relax out there.¬† You just had to be in the zone for quite some time.¬† So, yeah, mentally I'm pretty drained.

Q.  You said golf is exciting again.  When did it cease to be exciting?
KYLE STANLEY:  I struggled after I won last year, I struggled for a good bit of that year, and then early on this season.  And kind of started working with my sports psychologist again and a new putting coach back in, I think, Zurich, and New Orleans and finished third there, and sixth the next week and played decent at The PLAYERS and third here.  Obviously playing a lot better.

Q.  Names of those two guys?
KYLE STANLEY:  Dr. Mo, Morris Pickens, and Ralph Bauer.

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