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May 31, 2013

Kyle Stanley


Q.  You were really eating up the par‑5s.  What's been the key on those?
KYLE STANLEY:  Nothing, really.  They haven't been really easy birdies, to be honest with you.  6‑, 7‑ foot putts, with the exception of a couple.  Actually a couple of them‑‑ I think all of the putts have been over seven feet.  One was probably 50.
I'm just putting well.  Just getting on the green and making some putts.

Q.  Just your round overall today?
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, I started off was a little bit shaky, bogeyed the first.  But it was tough.  The wind was howling.  I was also hitting it pretty good, and the wind wasn't affecting my shots.  I was really just trying to play boring golf today, fairways and greens and keep it simple.

Q.  Is that because of the weather and the wind was whipping?
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, the wind was tough.  The course is kind of hard with that wind.  It's really hard with wind.  Yeah, just trying to keep things as simple as possible.

Q.  When the weather gets like this is, do you tough it out or wait for tomorrow?
KYLE STANLEY:  I like today's conditions, because if you put together a good round you know you're going to be there.  And I'm playing well right now.  I don't mind the wind if it blows.  But if it doesn't I'm pretty confident with my game right now.

Q.  The rain between the last break and this, how much more conducive is the course?
KYLE STANLEY:  When we went out there was really no wind, so it definitely played a little easier when we went back out as opposed to when we were out there the first time.

Q.  Your thoughts about getting up early and finishing?
KYLE STANLEY:  It is what it is.  We get up early all the time.  That's nothing new.

Q.  Just in terms of your year coming here, how do you think your game was coming into here?
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, it's been pretty good.  I didn't play well last week, but that's not really a course that suits me very well.  My three events prior to that I had a 3rd, a 6th, so the game is coming around.  I'm working hard on the right things and my putting is starting to get a lot better, which has really freed up my ball‑striking a little bit.  I feel like I'm playing with a complete game right now.

Q.  Anything unusual going on right now?
KYLE STANLEY:  Not really.  No babies.

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